Manage requests
on the go

Update & submit availability

Staff can set their availability through the app and all changes are sent to managers for review and approval.

Approve time-off requests

Get notified when an employee makes an availability request and approve or deny it on the fly.

manage employee shift requests

Streamline staff

Message employees & create group chats

Chat with individual employees, create group chats, and start conversations with the people assigned to specific departments and roles in your restaurant.

Send announcements to everyone

Need to send an update to all staff? Send an announcement that they will receive via email and push notification.

staff communication

Talk to your whole crew
at once

Count on total team understanding

Easily broadcast messages to your entire team. Ensure everyone knows about special events, daily specials, or staff meetings.

Questions answer themselves

As announcements are one-way, managers and admins don't have to worry about a deluge of responses and questions.


Centralize staff

Safe, secure team messaging

Rely on a single source of truth for team communication–the best and only way for teams to connect without outside tools or apps.

Group chats à la carte

Managers and admins can send individual staff messages or easily create group chats for an entire section, role, or department.

App Notifications

Keep your
managers informed

Distributed reports for shift managers

All managers stay aware of the status of your operations when any adds insight to the always up-to-date Manager Log Book.

Customized, actionable, real-time reports

Create custom reports on what matters most–at any time–so the next shift is always equipped with the latest information.

Manager Log Book

Protect and respect
everyone’s time

Quickly respond to availability requests

Streamline how you handle and respond to incoming requests with instant shift swap or drop request notifications–your staff will love you for it!

Push less paper, manage better

Always have the right headcount without the endless staff emails, texts, and notes with incoming requests all in one place.

Manager Notifications
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