Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time

Empower staff to collaborate
on their schedule

Submit time off and availability on the go

Your staff can easily submit time off and availability requests from anywhere on their free mobile app. If the request looks good to the manager, the schedule will be automatically updated to save you the effort.

Trade & swap shifts easily

Staff need extra hours or can’t make a shift? Let them offer up or bid on shifts in the Shift Pool to take the work off your hands—don’t worry, shift changes will only be made with manager approval.

App Notifications

Keep everyone
in the loop

Publish schedules instantly to staff

Your staff are immediately notified of their shifts when the schedule is published or updated—making your staff more accountable for their shifts.

Secure your workplace communication

Entrust your workplace conversations to a secure, business-specific communication channel through 7shifts. That way, your team can rely on a single source of truth for team communication–the best and only way for teams to connect without outside tools or apps.

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manage employee shift requests

staff communication

Chat one-on-one or in groups

Need to sync up with staff? Chat directly with your team through personal or group direct messages. Keep it fun with GIFs, emojis, and photos!

Keep everyone in-sync with team-wide announcements

Let your team know about business changes, new menu items, special promos, or anything else going on in the restaurant with one-way Announcements. Upload documents, photos or videos, and keep an eye on read receipts to make sure everyone knows what’s up!

Help managers stay connected

Keep your management team in-sync and on top of daily operations with the Manager Log Book. With customizable categories, your managers can stay ahead of maintenance issues, customer complaints, and more—whatever your restaurant needs to stay efficient and successful.

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staff communication

Improve your team’s
accountability & engagement

Empower your team to get things done

Your staff will know exactly what to do (plus when and how) with custom task lists assigned for each shift. Keep tabs on their productivity through the day by monitoring who completed what task, and when.

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Be transparent with staff feedback

Staff are encouraged to be open and honest with management by sharing anonymous feedback after every shift. With Shift Feedback being fed directly into the Manager Log Book, your management team can monitor employee satisfaction and nip problems in the bud.

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Secure Communication
Keep your whole restaurant in-sync with the right communication tools

Communication is key in your restaurant, especially as the industry faces a 73% turnover rate with poor communication being the number one reason staff quit. Implementing 7shifts’ staff communication tools can help keep your team informed, build a strong work culture, and retain your staff long-term.

Keep manager-employee communication channels open with 7shifts’ direct and group messaging functionality built into the app. Employees can message their coworkers about upcoming shifts or connect after-hours to build camaraderie. Managers can group message departments or teams to let them know about corporate events, changes to the schedule, or more. Additionally, managers and employees can chat one-on-one for more private interaction.

When your corporate team needs to send updates or announcements relevant to the whole team, owners, operators, and managers can use 7shifts’ Announcements functionality to share news one-way to staff. Managers can then follow up directly through group or direct messages to open up a conversation channel around the news.

Managers can stay in-sync with the Manager Log Book, which provides a private channel for your management team to discuss daily restaurant operations. The whole management team will be in-sync across shifts, activities, and more with the completely customizable manager log book to track activity, maintenance, staffing concerns, and more.

By removing the need for staff to provide their personal numbers and social media profiles, everyone’s privacy can be protected, and communication can be kept to the appropriate work-specific channels in 7shifts—the wireless communication system built for restaurants.

Español? Yes, 7shifts is also available in Spanish!

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