Simplifying labor management, one shift at a time

Make time & attendance
management a breeze

Secure time clocking for your records

Ensure your employee punch data is secure and reliable with our easy-to-use punch pad app. Need to make a change? Time sheets and punches are editable by management for faster payroll and more accurate reporting.

Track time & attendance trends in your restaurant

Track punch edits, export audit reports, and more to keep an accurate record of hours worked and labor compliance.

Punch in Audit

Reduce admin headaches by
connecting your systems

Simplify your payroll process

Take a load of admin work off your plate by exporting hours worked directly to leading payroll providers—you’ll minimize your payroll headaches and remove the chance for human error. Bonus? Payroll integration is totally free.

Take complete control of your labor costs

Ensure the hours you schedule are the hours that are worked—giving you peace of mind that you’re keeping on target. With simple time punches, enforced schedules, automatic clock-outs, and editable timesheets, your labor costs will always align with your projects (and leave you no with no unbudgeted expenses).

Unauthorized clock in

Prioritize team
health & safety

Protect your staff and guests by screening employees before every shift for symptoms and risk factors of COVID-19. If an employee fails a health check, management is notified and the employee can be sent home. Plus, respect sanitization and social distancing rules by allowing employees to punch in and out with their own mobile devices.

employee health check feature

Keep compliant with
local labor laws

Complete compliance for New York & California

Stay compliant with overtime and breaks in California and New York with built-in attestation, break reminders, overtime alerts, and more. Easily identify Clopen, Split Shift, and Spread of Hours violations to make more compliant schedules in the future—and save you hefty penalties.

Build breaks into your schedule

Ensure everyone gets a chance to relax by scheduling breaks—paid or unpaid, in accordance with local labor laws—in advance. Plus, by preventing early returns from breaks, your staff will be encouraged to take the time they need.

time clocking break features

Prevent unauthorized

Stick to the schedule

Only allow employees who are scheduled to clock in when you integrate 7shifts with your POS—saving you from paying for unbudgeted labor hours. Someone forgets to punch out? Enable automatic clock-out to keep your labor reporting under control.

Rest easy with punch verification

Validate the identity of your employee punches with Buddy Punch Prevention—a secure way to capture and view photos of employees during punch-in and punch-out.

Validate employee identity

Help your staff
manage their cash

Empower your employees to track their tips and get a new perspective on tip trends wby generating reports—you’ll be able to easily spot peak hours and superstar employees.

add tips at clock out
Easy, integrated employee time clock app for your restaurant

With 7punches, our free employee time clocking software, you can turn any in-store mobile device into a sophisticated time clock to track your employee attendance and more. 7punches comes as a free integration with your 7shifts account and allows you to track labor data and employee attendance against your schedule to detect variances and ultimately work to reduce your labor cost.

By tracking clock ins and clock outs with 7punches, you’ll be able to keep your restaurant labor compliant by identifying when employees need to take mandatory breaks, when they’re at risk of going into overtime, and more. Additionally, you can run a punch audit report to pull all the activity in 7punches and export a report for record keeping and labor compliance.

Worried about buddy-punching or tardy employees? 7punches comes with built-in schedule enforcement to automatically prevent unauthorized clock-ins and save you from paying for unbudgeted labor hours. If employees clock in after a specified grace period, they’ll need manager override, and employee punctuality may improve.

By reducing the time-consuming task of employee attendance management, 7punches can make employee time tracking easy, and significantly improve your business operations and efficiency.

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