Spend less time creating
& managing your schedule

Get started fast

If you’ve ever built a schedule with excel or a template, you’ll feel right at home. Create your staff schedule in minutes, not hours with our intuitive drag n’ drop builder.

Perfect schedules every time

With 7shifts, you’ll never schedule someone who can’t work. Availability and time-off are automatically added into the schedule to help you reduce errors.

drag and drop shifts scheduling

A time clock without
paper or headaches

Simplicity meets power

Easy, secure time-clocking that allows you to track breaks, manage tips and even works offline.

Reduce compliance risks

Eliminate surprises and stay informed of issues with real-time OT notifications and punch audit reporting. Enforce your schedule and custom breaks without any extra work

A time clock without paper or headaches

Leave management
that manages itself

Ditch the stream of sticky notes and texts

Manage staff availability, time-off and leave requests better by giving employees more independence in the process. Our free mobile apps make it simple for staff to submit requests, and for managers to.

Fill the shifts you need fast

Quickly find staff to cover last-minute absences and fill open shifts with ease with the built-in shift pool and messaging system.

Leave management that manages itself

Simple and secure messaging
for your team

Ensure your team gets the message

Easily broadcast messages to your entire team. Ensure everyone knows about special events, daily specials, or staff meetings.

Group communication comes built-in

Managers can send individual messages or easily create group chats for an entire section, role, or department. Staff can also chat with one-another in a system you control.

Simple and secure messaging for your team

Get the data your
restaurant needs

Easily create & export reports

Generate instance reports on schedule hours & wages, punch audits, attendance, time-off, variances and more.

Insights = profitability

Export, archive and analyze up-to-the-minute reports to fit your business needs to identify areas of opportunity or improvement.

Get the data your restaurant needs

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The world's best restaurants use 7shifts to save time and reduce costs

Wilder Rose testimonial

"Using 7shifts for BOH management makes for smooth sailing. It gives me the ability to keep track of every staff members availability and time off requests. What can otherwise become a messy pile of scribbles on various pieces of paper is now right in front of me when it comes time to put my weekly schedule together. Running a kitchen and keeping track of your staff can keep one busy enough, aids like 7shifts make the exterior duties much easier to handle."

David Smith, Sous chef

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