7shifts adds actual labor integration for Squirrel POS

7shifts adds actual labor integration for Squirrel POS
Matthew Baggetta

By Matthew Baggetta

We are excited to announce our actual labor integration with Squirrel POS is now live.

This update offers 7shifts’ users full integration with partners at Squirrel POS data – including sales and labor. The integration provides accurate labor data for building schedules, and gives more accuracy when scheduling to a budget or aiming for a labor percentage target.

Restaurateurs with employee scheduling integrated with their POS are better able to predict, track, and ultimately reduce labor costs.

The Squirrel POS actual labor integration provides a real-time sync of labor data, helping restaurateurs see and compare scheduled labor to actual labor and to confidently forecast future labor costs. This integration also enables managers and operators to create more accurate and efficient schedules.

Restaurateurs using 7shifts and Squirrel, can now view real-time labor data in the 7shifts web dashboard, the mobile Manager Dashboard, and Enterprise Dashboard–three different ways to track labor performance and identify opportunities for optimization.


What does this integration do?

This integration syncs labor data recorded in your Squirrel POS with 7shifts in real-time to compare it against scheduled labor costs. This data appears in 7shifts alongside the variances from your schedule, giving you the information you need to make profitable future scheduling decisions.

How does this integration benefit my restaurant?

This integration helps you manage and reduce your restaurant’s labor costs by giving you precise control and access over your forecasted labor (what you would like staff to work) versus your actual labor (what your staff actually worked). When you compare the two values, we provide your labor variance, labor cost percentage, and sales per man hour. This information helps you see exactly who worked more than you would like, and how often this happens. With that information, you can track patterns over time, and use the data to understand your operating costs and ultimately, improve your restaurants' profitability.

How can I get started?

If you are already using Squirrel and 7shifts this new integration is free and simple to activate. Enable the setting under ‘Company Settings’ and your labor data will appear on your mobile, web, and Enterprise Dashboards. Head to our Squirrel knowledge base page for instructions on how to enable the enhanced integration.

If you don’t use Squirrel yet or are considering a new tablet-based restaurant POS that integrates with 7shifts, learn more about them here.

Can I try 7shifts for free?

If you're new to employee scheduling, you can try 7shifts for free today. Our team will help get your account setup and your Squirrel integration turned on, so you can focus on running your business.

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