The Adventures of Tippy the Tip Jar

The Adventures of Tippy the Tip Jar

By Daniel Dalman

The little scamp that’s full of change! Follow the comic adventures of Tippy the sentient tip jar as they get into mischief and misadventures all to do with tipping.

Scripted by Daniel Dalman. Illustrated by Kate Miller (@kateandtheworld).

Tippy Comic   Knight asking for a tip
Tippy finds out there's no such thing as a free rescue.
Tippy comic funny tip jar
Tippy tries on a new shirt.
Tippy the tip jar on tip outs
Tippy has a stint as a thespian.
Tippy the tip jar calculating tips
Tippy's version of BEDMAS.
Tippy the tip jar earning 25% gratuity
Tippy abuses the power of puppy eyes.
Tippy plays Monopoly
Tippy plays a game.

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Daniel Dalman

Hello there! I'm Daniel - 7shifts' former in-house copywriter. When I'm not writing, I'm dreaming about what to order for my next meal!