Announcing 7shifts Payroll

Announcing 7shifts Payroll
Brent Beatty

By Brent Beatty

Since the very beginning, we've strived to make it easier for restaurants to prepare for payday with tools for scheduling, time clocking, deep regional compliance support, and dozens of integrations with leading payroll providers. That's why I'm proud to announce the release of 7shifts Payroll Software, built to help restaurants run payroll in minutes—not hours.

We've spent the last year building out a payroll product that integrates with all the best parts of 7shifts to make managers' jobs easier, and get teams paid accurately for their hard work.

It's our goal to cut down on the number of systems restaurants need to run their business. The more touch points, the more points of failure where data can get lost or changed. And mistakes lead to time wasted and the erosion of employee trust.

5 step graphic of 7shifts payroll process

Take it from one of our early adopters, Fahad Hanif, an Owner/Operator at Halal Guys in Kansas City, Missouri:

"I was drawn to 7shifts because of their simple and easy interface for scheduling, but when I found out they also did payroll, it was a no-brainer. My employees got set up via the 7shifts mobile app in 10 minutes, and I'm already saving hours of time when it comes to processing payroll. Total game changer."

What 7shifts Payroll can do for you

7shifts' payroll product is designed to be a single source of truth for your team, so you can save time without worrying about data errors. Your employees get paid on-time and without issue.

Leverage data so you don't have to

7shifts Payroll uses your existing data within 7shifts—scheduling, time clocking, tips, and compliance—eliminating the need for payroll exports to a provider. That means your team management—including payroll—is all there, in one place.

Offer an employee-centered experience

7shifts Payroll comes bundled with our Employing Onboarding feature, giving employees a single place for them to get set up and understand their pay. They'll have the ability to onboard directly from their mobile app, and access their pay stubs at their own convenience.

Cut down on mistakes

With your data stored securely in 7shifts, we've reduced the risk of data errors when switching across multiple systems. Rest easy knowing that your output will be correct every time. And thanks to our built-in automation, you won't have to manually edit or manipulate that data. It will just flow straight through to payroll.

Fahad Hanif standing in front of the Halal Guys he owns in Kansas City, MO

Get started with 7shifts Payroll

If you're ready to bring payroll into your 7shifts ecosystem, all you have to do to get started is book a call with our dedicated reps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get set up?

Within 2 weeks. It depends on a few factors like getting employees onboarded, uploading data, and verification. But we'll be there to walk you through step-by-step.

What do I need to start?

Once we understand your payroll needs and frequency, we'll just need to process a final payroll with your current provider and then export the data (payroll journals) to ensure no days are missed.

How long does it take to onboard employees?

Employees can onboard directly from their mobile devices, and the process shouldn't take more than ten minutes.

Are W2s included?

Yes, W2s are included in the price of the product and will be provided at the end of the year for your team.

Who handles the taxes?

7shifts & our money moving partner will handle all payroll tax deductions as well as withholdings and quarterly taxes.

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Brent Beatty
Brent Beatty

VP of Product @ 7shifts. He grew up in restaurants and has done it all from cooking and cleaning to serving, bartending, and managing. He now helps make team management easier for restaurants.