How Bar 404 Wows Their Guests with 7shifts and Lightspeed POS

How Bar 404 Wows Their Guests with 7shifts and Lightspeed POS
D. J. Costantino

By D. J. Costantino

“We want to wow our guests. That's the main protocol here,” says Rohit Sharma, GM and operating partner of Bar 404.

Taking its name from a 404 error page, Bar 404 embraces the secretive nature of a speakeasy. You must know where to go—in this case, a candle shop—to find it. But once you’re through the door, the name inspiration and logo take on another meaning:

“When you're entering the cocktail bar, you delete all your unhappiness and just come to the bar and enjoy the vibe,” says Sharma.

For Sharma and his team to be their best, they chose 7shifts for workforce management and Lightspeed for their point of sale to save time on the back office tasks—so they can focus on providing excellent customer service. Lightspeed gives Sharma all the reports he needs at home and saves hours on tasks like changing their complex spirits menu.

With 7shifts, Sharma shaves between $500 and $600 off Bar 404’s bottom line every week by making smarter schedules. Not only does Bar 404 save money, 7shifts makes employees' lives easier—so they can focus on the customer.

To learn more about Bar 404 and how they use 7shifts and Lightspeed to run their business, check out the video featuring Rohit Sharma.

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D. J. Costantino
D. J. Costantino

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