The 11 Best Restaurants in Toronto (on Instagram)

The 11 Best Restaurants in Toronto (on Instagram)
Melissa Bensky

By Melissa Bensky

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world, so it’s no surprise that Toronto is also a top food destination in North America and around the globe. Numerous Toronto restaurants have earned a coveted spot on Canada’s top restaurants list.  Numerous  other  Toronto restaurants have  earned their spot as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world.

You can’t walk down the street without seeing a row of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The smells of different cuisines linger in the air. It's almost impossible not to get hungry. 🤤Toronto is home to many popular restaurants. The signs are bright and colorful and many restaurants do this on purpose to promote their restaurants. These restaurants are proud to be known as some of the most instagrammable restaurants in Toronto. Having a large Instagram presence not only gives your restaurant ‘clout’, but it also brings people in the door and gets them talking. That’s why we’re evaluating the most instagrammable restaurants in Toronto: to determine which ones are most popular based on Instagram followers.

It has been reported that People between the ages of 18-35 spend approximately five days a year browsing food on, Instagram and 30% of those people actively avoid going to restaurants with a weak Instagram presence. Evidently, the number of Instagram follows affects your business.

(Note: This list is not determining the best restaurants in Toronto based on food; it is a list of the restaurants which boast the greatest number of Instagram followers. Instagram popularity gives great insight into the most popular restaurants in any given city—and Instagram following is a huge determining factor in reach. One can only imagine that all these restaurants are delicious. They wouldn’t have thousands upon thousands of followers if they weren’t!)

1. Buca

Food and drink at Buca


Followers: 37.8K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🍽️ + 🍸

Buca brings Italy to Toronto. Buca has 2 locations, one in Yorkville and one in downtown Toronto. Executive chef Rob Gentile has been internationally celebrated for his use of locally sourced ingredients and constantly changing menus. Buca has been recognized numerous times for its outstanding meals and impeccable service and has been ranked amongst the top 10 restaurants in Toronto and in Canada numerous times. If you were to walk down the street and ask someone to name one of the best restaurants in  downtown Toronto, there is no doubt their answer would be Buca. With their extensive wine list, fresh seafood dishes, pizza, and pasta, it's almost impossible to order the wrong thing. Once you take your first bite, you know you’ll be back for more.

Their Instagram feed is full of delicious fresh pasta dishes covered in cheese and freshly shaved truffles, fresh seafood dishes, and incredible photographs of their pastries and desserts. The colors of the images are bright and pleasing and makes you want to keep scrolling until you hit the very end.

2. Maker Pizza

Different types of pizza at Maker Pizza


Followers: 48.8K

Type of Restaurant: Pizzeria & Take-out 🍕

Maker Pizza is the most popular restaurant in Toronto (via Instagram). As it says on their website,
“Every pizza we make is made fresh for you and made to be the best you’ve ever had. Every time.”

Maker Pizza is the most popular Toronto restaurant on Instagram. Maker Pizza has two locations and offers take-out pizza and room for sit-down dining. Their pizza list is extensive and split into two categories: red and white pizzas. Their pizzas differ from other pizzerias in terms of ingredients, crusts, and toppings. One of their most famous pizzas is called ‘Return of the Mac’ and is available only for dine-in. The pizza is a play on McDonald's Big Mac and even uses a secret sauce. One of their other popular pizzas is called ‘Frank’s Best’. This pizza is special because it has a toasted sesame seed crust drizzled with honey.

Maker Pizza is probably one of the most popular pizza places in Toronto—and their Instagram feed showcases all the pizzas on the menu. From the classic pepperoni and margherita and their more adventurous pizzas such as the big bac pizza, roasted chicken pizza, and pork shoulder sugo pizza. There are so many options! You’ll want to get in your car and drive straight there after looking at their Instagram.

"We just try to have fun with it. The photographs are a true representation of the product and our pizzas look pretty appetizing. So that certainly helps. As for the captions, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We can talk about our organic tomato sauce or how devastated we are that Lisa Vanderpump won’t be returning to rhobh. Either way, we’ve had a lot of luck connecting with our fan base. At the end of the day, we just want to make great pizza and convey that in a super laid-back fashion" -Shlomo Buchler (Owner)

3. Alo

Food and drink at Alo


Followers: 26.8K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🍽️ + 🍷

Alo is a contemporary French restaurant and cocktail bar recently rated the best restaurant in Toronto and in Canada. Alo recently earned the prestigious spot on the list of top restaurants in the world, ranking at #94. You can imagine how mindblowing the food is.

The menu is complex and offers multi-course tasting menus and even offers a blind tasting menu. Additionally, the restaurant offers two distinct dining experiences; the dining room and the kitchen counter. To dine at this establishment you are required to make your reservation approximately two months in advance, but it’s worth the wait.

Their Instagram feed features up-close images of their dishes, each looking like a work of art. The images are aesthetically pleasing and mostly feature a dark background to make the food pop. They know how to layout their Instagram to set the restaurant vibe and make you get feels.

4. Bar Raval

Food and drink at Bar Raval


Followers: 31K

Type of Restaurant: Tapas Bar 🍽️ + 🍹

Bar Raval is one of the most instagrammable restaurants in Toronto. Bar Raval’s menu is very Spanish tapa oriented. You almost feel as though you’ve left Toronto and entered Spain—leaving this one of the best tapas restaurants in Toronto.

The restaurant’s menu is constantly changing with the seasons. The house-baked pastries are not listed on the menu, instead, they are laid out at the bar on wooden boards. This is inspired by a popular style of eating in Spain. You get to see the pastries upfront and point to the ones you want. Bar Raval is a destination with delicious Spanish tapas, an extensive cocktail menu, delicious sweet and savory pastries, and flowing coffee all day long. ☕

Bar Raval’s Instagram feed is lively, to say the least. There are pictures of their delicious food, their employees and customers all enjoying themselves. The images of cocktails and food are bright and colorful, you can almost the fresh coffee and toast just by glancing at the images. The space itself is beautiful with wooden curves that almost play on Gaudi’s architectural style. The interior alone makes Bar Raval one of the most instagrammable places in Toronto. The Instagram makes sure to display numerous images of their space and extensive bar which takes up most of the back wall.

“We like being open, informative, playful, but of course have good photos.”
-Bar Raval Team

5. La Carnita

Food and drink at La Carnita


Followers: 36.7K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🌮+ 🍹

Tacos and margaritas. What’s not to love? La Carnita is one of the best taco restaurants in downtown Toronto. As the fifth most instagrammable restaurant in Toronto, La Carnita is the place to enjoy delicious tacos, fresh innovative cocktails, Mexican street corn, and delicious sugary churros. And let’s not forget their delicious paletas (Mexican ice pops) in flavors such as key lime pie, chocolate, and cookie monster! The restaurant’s interior is decked out in street style artwork, neon signs, and blasting music, so you’ll always have a great time when dining!

The La Carnita Instagram feed is decked out with images of their outstanding Mexican street corn, taco platters, and chicken wings, and colorful cocktails. Their feed also features numerous images of their customers enjoying themselves, bartenders pouring and mixing drinks, and other snapshots of the team.

6. Adamson BBQ

Entrees and desserts at Adamson BBQ


Followers: 43.8K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🍗

⭐ 7shifts client! ⭐

Adamson Barbecue is the second most instagrammable restaurant in Toronto. Adamson Barbecue is a full-service, authentic Texas-style barbecue joint. As it says on their website, Adamson BBQ offers you “The meal you won’t regret.” Adamson only serves up fresh meat, made that day. You can get sandwiches and meat by the quarter pound or if you’re especially hungry the pound. They make everything in-house including their bratwurst and jalapeno cheddar sausage. Their slides are equally drool-worthy ranging from creamy mac and cheese, potato salad, cornbread. Once you lay your eyes on the thick cuts of smoked meat, your mouth will drop.

Check out their Instagram for some instant barbecue cravings. Their Instagram is full of pictures of their delicious, saucy meats, meat trays, and delicious sides. If that wasn’t enough, they make their own pies in a variety of flavors. Barbeque, mac and cheese, cornbread and pies. Its barbeque heaven!

7. Planta Yorkville

Food and drink at Planta Yorkville


Followers: 28.3K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🌱(Vegan)

Planta is one of the most popular and instagrammable vegan restaurants in Toronto . The restaurant’s interior is absolutely beautiful with funky jungle inspired wallpaper and of course, lots of greenery. When you walk into the restaurant you instantly get that “Miami vibe”, crisp and clean, yet elegant and classy. In some cases, vegan restaurants lack flavor, but, this is not the case for Planta. Every dish is beautifully plated and bursting with flavor. If you’re a carnivore, you’ll still enjoy and savor every last bite of the coconut ceviche and their popular planta burger.

Their Instagram features close up images of their menu items, with their pizzas and burgers looking especially delicious. They also feature a handful of their cocktails which all use natural ingredients and bright colors. Their Instagram makes it look like a vegetarian and vegan paradise while also appealing to carnivores.

“Our tips include consistency with quality and quantity, as well as maintaining an authentic voice” -Adam Freedman & The Planta Team

8. Fresh Restaurant

Food and drink at Fresh Restaurant


Followers: 28.2K

Type of Restaurant: Full-serive (Vegan) 🌱+🍸+ ☕

⭐ 7shifts client! ⭐

Another vegan restaurant has made it onto the list! As it says on their website, “Fresh Feels Good. It’s more than food, it’s a feeling.”

Fresh is one of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto. Fresh is a vegan chain with five locations in Toronto, and even goes one step ahead of the rest to offer a gluten-free menu in addition to their regular menu. Fresh serves up the classics with a vegan twist. The menu features delicious style vegan comfort food such as buffalo cauliflower bites, quinoa onion rings, fresh bowls and much more! They also have an extensive cocktail menu featuring kombucha cocktails-some of which feature their freshly pressed juices.

Their Instagram feed showcases some of their greatest hits including their vegan ice cream on top of a vegan birthday cake donut. Can you say YUM! Or what? The Instagram features many images of customers enjoying their meals in addition to some close-up shots of the menu items such as the dragon fries, tacos, salads, and of course their organic pressed juices. Their Instagram also promotes their newest collaboration with beer company Lost Craft. The beers feature Fresh’s organic pressed juice to create the tropical Radler.

9. Pizza Libretto

Food at Pizza Libretto


Followers: 26.6K

Type of Restaurant: Full-Service 🍕

⭐ 7shifts client! ⭐

Pizza Libretto is a Toronto pizzeria with five locations, and another top contender for best pizza places in Toronto. As it says on their website, “we try to turn every guest into a raving fan here at Libretto.” Once you take a bite of their delicious pizza, you’ll instantly become a ‘raving fan’. Libretto’s menu focuses on high quality, locally sourced fresh ingredients. In addition to their regular menu which features delicious salads, fresh pasta, pizzas, and desserts, they offer alternatives for gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarian, and vegan diners. 🌱 The restaurant is extremely accommodating to all patrons and their end goal is to make every dining experience one to rave about.

Their Instagram screams PIZZA and features numerous images of their delicious pizza in addition to their personalized Libretto pizza ovens. If you weren’t in the mood for pizza prior to looking at their Instagram, you will once you scroll through. Libretto also offers delicious pasta dishes with freshly shaved black truffle. What else could you ask for?

10. Famiglia Baldassarre

Food at Famiglia Baldassarre


Followers: 33K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🍝

Famiglia Baldassarre is a pasta lover’s dream. The restaurant cranks out 27 different types of fresh pasta from scratch for some of Toronto’s best Italian restaurants. Unfortunately, their restaurant is only open for two hours during lunch, four days a week. To say there is generally a wait is an understatement. You need to get there before their open to secure a spot for dining in or you can always have some pasta and take it to go. You’ll need to get there early for a chance to dine at one of the best restaurants in Toronto. While you’re waiting in line to order the pasta you can watch the pasta makers at work. In fact, the open kitchen takes up most of the restaurant’s space.

Diners can also purchase their fresh pasta, however, the menu differs every day, depending on the types of pasta and fillings that are being made. During the lunch hour, there are typically just two pasta options. In addition to their fresh pasta, they make in-house fresh fior di latte cheese and delicious parma crudo and other charcuterie.

Their Instagram is beautiful, to say the least. Their images feature handfuls of their fresh pastas, all different, and shapes. There are also videos of the pasta makers at work, piping the pasta filling and shaping the pasta into their perfect shape. Once you look at some of their pastas and scroll through their Instagram all you’ll be able to think of is when you can take lunch off or even the day off so you can wait in line for these spectacular dishes. If you’re looking for some Instagram-worthy pasta shots, this is the place.

“My approach with Instagram is to use it an honest and unfiltered window into our day to day. I like to document things that excite me and that I am passionate about. It seems to resonate with our audience” -Leandro Baldassarre (Chef/Owner)

11. Bar Isabel

Food and drink at Bar Isabel


Followers: 28.3K

Type of Restaurant: Full-service 🍽️ + 🍹

Bar Isabel is one of the most popular restaurants in Toronto. Bar Isabel has earned a spot as one of the best restaurants in Canada, ranking at #20. The restaurant serves up delicious authentic Spanish cuisine offering a variety of tapas, seafood dishes, cured meats and cheeses. One of their popular dishes is their grilled octopus, available in a quarter, half and even whole portions. If you’re not in the mood for spanish food, don’t fret. Their cocktail program has been recognized as one of the best in Toronto. Grab a drink and take in the art nouveau design. It’s quite the view.

Their Instagram is aesthetically pleasing with images of their delicious dishes, cocktails and the restaurant’s beautiful interior. Even the floor is beautiful! Perfect for Instagram. Bar Isabel is undoubtedly one of Toronto’s most instagrammable restaurants, from the floor, the interior and the gorgeous dishes, it's easy to see why this restaurant Toronto is so popular.

Is Your Toronto Restaurant Instagrammable?

Social media has proven to be a game changer for the restaurant industry. Diners have always eaten with their eyes, but Instagram has allowed users to eat with their eyes and get a glimpse of what's on the menu. Restaurants with an appealing Instagram are more likely to gain followers which will ultimately get more people through the door and dining at their establishment. Instagram is also a great way to engage your customers. You can post menu specials and limited-time offerings, and receive feedback on what your customers would like to see on the menu.
Get your customers involved because the customer is always right. Whenever you’re in a new city or even looking for a place to dine in your hometown, it's always a great idea to look at food Instagrams and influencers from that city to see where you should eat. If you’re interested in finding some of the best restaurants and food that Toronto has to offer, check out @tastethesix on Instagram.

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Melissa Bensky
Melissa Bensky

Melissa is a foodie, chocoholic and is always looking for the next food trend. Check out her Instagram @tastethesix to discover Toronto's finest eats.