[New] Employee Health Check & Symptoms Screening for Restaurants

[New] Employee Health Check & Symptoms Screening for Restaurants
Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

The health and safety of staff & guests is the top concern for everyone working in hospitality today.

As restaurants assess reopening timelines following COVID-19, it's important to be aware of and follow the latest restaurant health guidelines from the CDC to ensure a successful reopening and prevent community transmission. This means continuously monitoring and reporting on the health of all staff so you can take the appropriate action, and to build trust with your guests that their safety is your top priority.  

Our team at 7shifts has been following these developments closely and is ready to meet the need of restaurants everywhere.

Introducing Employee Health Check: the simplest solution for restaurants looking to provide continuous COVID-19 symptom screening and reporting. ✅

With 7punches—our integrated restaurant time-clock—restaurants can quickly screen staff members for illness symptoms and risk factors with a customizable set of questions before they can clock in for their shift.

If a staff member does not pass the Health Check managers receive real-time notifications and to take appropriate action, all tied together with health check reporting to keep a record of results.

Employee Health Check will help your restaurant:

  • Provide a safe and professional environment for your staff
  • Earn customers’ trust by adhering to a standardized employee health assessment
  • Keep employees’ personal health information private
Employee Health Check is available free for all 7shifts users and can be enabled from your account settings 🎉

Once enabled, restaurants using Employee Health Check can use it to perform:

Custom temperature checks 🌡️

  • Customize the allowable body temperature threshold to accommodate your local health authority’s recommendations.

Symptom risk assessment 📝

  • Have employees assess themselves for symptoms and potential exposure before they can begin their shift.

Manager reporting 📊

  • To keep your employees’ health status private from others, employee names will only appear on the Employee Health Check report, accessible only by account administrators and managers with Employee Health Check permissions.

Manager notifications 💬

  • Managers with permissions can be notified instantly via SMS or email when a staff member does not pass their health check.

7shifts users can learn how to enable and configure Employee Health Check here.

Once Employee Health Check is implemented to address staff needs, it's important that restaurants use this information to build trust amongst their guests. A recent study from BentoBox found:

When customers were asked, “What red flags would result in you not returning to a restaurant?”, 78%* said their biggest concern was the health status of restaurant employees.

In order to help build and maintain trust amongst guests, we have put together a free daily Health Check report template which your can download to easily display on on your front door or include in deliveries or takeout orders.

With this template and the data from Employee Health Check you can ensure your restaurant is at the fore-front of providing a safe and health experience for every guest.

Daily Health Check Report

Download your Daily Health check report 👆

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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

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