[Case Study] How Shawn & Ed Brewing Simplified Scheduling and Event Management

[Case Study] How Shawn & Ed Brewing Simplified Scheduling and Event Management
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. is a craft brewery in the heart of Dundas, Ontario,  producing delicious beers sold through a variety of liquor stores as well as their own taproom. Craft beer makes 30% of the beer industry, with lagers making up 80%, allowing Shawn & Ed to compete with big brands due to their lager specialization.

Beyond brewing, Shawn & Ed also host private events in their historic building—leaving them with more scheduling complexity than most other brewing companies.

Building schedules in a few clicks

With a brewery, taproom, and events to handle, Shawn & Ed were struggling with their spreadsheet-style scheduling process. After hunting around for something user-friendly and easy-to-use, Shawn & Ed Brewing waved goodbye to tedious excel scheduling and hello to pain-free schedule management with 7shifts’ intuitive platform.

Now, the Shawn & Ed team can easily build and publish schedules that work for everyone—with overtime automatically factored in. Before 7shifts, staff had to travel to the brewery to view paper schedules in-person, and now schedules are sent straight to their phone for them to view shifts, chat with teammates, and submit availability.

“Before using 7shifts, we were using excel and printing out the schedules—staff had to come in and physically look at it. Now, using 7shifts, everything is online and they can do it from their smartphone.” - Taryn, Shawn & Ed Brewing Co

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Employee-friendly scheduling and communication

With a brewery, taproom, merchandise, and beer to coordinate, the Shawn & Ed team have their hands full of events to plan, beer to brew, and more—and communication among that chaos is key for smooth operation. When looking for a scheduling solution, the brewery team also needed a way to streamline communication and staff requests to keep everyone in the loop and schedules up-to-date.

Shawn & Ed adopted 7shifts’ for the easy-to-use mobile apps to empower employees with the ability to submit time-off and availability, easily swap shifts with coworkers, and chat with their team from their phone. With managers and coworkers only a click away, employees were always engaged and informed about the goings-on in the brewery.

Staff at Shawn & Ed's Brewing looking at a phone
“We were looking for something that was really easy and user-friendly, and would cover all parts of the business. What my staff love about 7shifts is that they can literally change their availability on the fly, they’re able to just trade shifts and not have to use us as a third person. Using 7shifts, everything is online and [staff] can do it from their smartphone.” — Taryn Gingrich, Events Manager, Shawn & Ed Brewing Co

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Simple event management that works

Shawn & Ed built their brewery inside a heritage, 100+ year-old Canadian curling and skating rink. To keep the building’s history alive, the team hosts 25 events per month on site—creating more scheduling complexity for the team to tackle. Properly staffing events to provide excellent service to their guests is easy with Events built right into their schedule on 7shifts.

Interior of Shawn & Ed's Brewing with barrels and an old truck
“What I love about the hospitality industry is that people are often out here celebrating—and we get to be a part of those very special moments with people.” — Taryn Gingrich, Events Manager, Shawn & Ed Brewing Co

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7shifts helps make those moments easier with the scheduling and communication tools that businesses like Shawn & Ed need to set them off without a hitch.

Since starting with 7shifts, Shawn & Ed Brewing has:

  • Easily created and published schedules to cover their brewery, taproom, and events
  • Centralized communication with in-app chat, and announcements to keep the team informed about events, shifts, and more
  • Planned, staffed, and executed 25 events per month
  • Easily swaps an average of 25 shifts between employees every month
“7shifts has made my life easier...to track people’s vacation time, how many hours they’ve worked in a week...and when those last-minute shifts come up, we’re able to put them up as an open shift and [staff] can take them right away.

With the time I’ve saved using 7shifts, I’ve been able to do a lot of other projects including marketing and public relations.” — Taryn Gingrich, Events Manager, Shawn & Ed Brewing Co

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Dew Smith
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