7shifts + Square: an intelligent, intuitive integration

7shifts + Square: an intelligent, intuitive integration
Emily Brazill

By Emily Brazill

Square sellers, you requested it and we listened! 7shifts now offers sales data integration for Square!

Square is one of the most popular POS systems on the market and is used by thousands of food and beverage operators around the world.

What does this integration offer restaurants?

This integration syncs sales data and actual labor from your Square POS into 7shifts in real time to view real-time sales and displays it in the budget tool. This data gives you an immediate look at your labor cost percentages. In addition, your sales data is also added into the schedule to forecast your sales for future weeks and help you build efficient schedules.

The forecasts will improve over time as more sales data is added into the schedule and forecasts are refined.

How will this integration benefit me?

This integration helps your restaurant save time and money in two ways:

  1. You’ll make accurate scheduling decisions. This integration will show your previous days’ actual sales, actual labor and real time sales. You’ll also have easy access to your labor percentages in relation to your sales—important information that will help you save money.
  2. You’ll be ready to plan for the future. 7shifts uses your sales data to forecast your sales for future weeks to help precisely determine your scheduling needs and opportunities. When you can more accurately predict your scheduling needs, you’ll reduce your labor costs and build smarter schedules faster.

How can I get started?

If you’re a 7shifts user and would like to take advantage of this integration, visit our Square knowledge base article for instructions on how to get started.

If you are an existing Square seller, sign up for a 7shifts trial and we’ll contact you about setting up the integration. And remember, we are more than happy to get your account setup to help you succeed with 7shifts!

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Emily Brazill
Emily Brazill

Emily Brazill is a Product Marketing Manager at 7shifts. When she's not managing new feature releases, she's probably out running, teaching yoga or eating out with friends.