[Case Study] How The Burger’s Priest Streamlined Scheduling with 7shifts

[Case Study] How The Burger’s Priest Streamlined Scheduling with 7shifts
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

The Burger Priest is a classic, California-style burger joint “redeeming one burger at a time.” Started by a pastor-turned-restaurateur, The Burger’s Priest slings burgers, milkshakes, and fries at 19 locations across Canada.

Frustrated with disjointed scheduling and communication processes, The Burger’s Priest came to 7shifts to streamline scheduling and communication to keep their team in the know and consistently hit their labor targets.

Building smarter, labor-optimal schedules in minutes

The Burger’s Priest ditched their disjointed scheduling platform to streamline their management processes with 7shifts’ intuitive scheduling and communication platform.

With their Vivonet POS integration, The Burger’s Priest used the Manager Dashboard to get a real-time look at their sales per labor dollar spent. With the real-time performance tracking, management can make decisions on the floor to cut or add staff to hit their labor targets.

Now, The Burger’s Priest can easily build and publish labor-perfect schedules, schedule according to staff availability, and make on-the-fly decisions to better control their labor costs with their integrated POS data.

Manager using 7shifts scheduling on laptop at Burger's Priest
“One of the big selling features of 7shifts is the fact that you can view your live sales versus your labor dollars spent so you can make that [scheduling] decision on the fly.” —Chelsea, General Manager, Burger’s Priest

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Streamlining staff communications

The Burger’s Priest managers found it hard to communicate with their staff about scheduling and availability before 7shifts—often relying on emails, texts, and other channels that could easily fall through the cracks. With 7shifts, communication was simplified for the team through in-app chats, announcements, and time-off and availability requests right at their fingertips.

With shifts and communication easily accessible on their free mobile apps, The Burger’s Priest staff swap 5 shifts per week to make their schedule work for them—and managers don’t have to worry about tracking down a last-minute replacement.

Burger's Priest manager and employee looking at a phone
“Before using 7shifts, we used a different scheduling app and I also communicated with staff through email, through text message—whatever worked in the moment. 7shifts has made my life easier because it streamlined all communications with staff and I can do everything on the go.”  —Chelsea, General Manager, Burger’s Priest

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Since starting with 7shifts, The Burger’s Priest:

  • Made smarter labor decisions by building schedules based on sales and labor data from their POS integration
  • Centralized team communications with in-app chat, announcements, and more to keep everyone on the team informed
  • Planned and staffed 50 events
  • Easily swaps an average of 5 shifts between employees every week
  • Sends dozens of Announcements and group chats per week

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Dew Smith
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