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7shifts and Delaget Integration: Automatic sales projections, sales reporting, and more

Delaget is the leader in QSR data solutions, providing restaurant operators the platforms they need to streamline all their data into one easy-to-use, drillable dashboard that provides operators and teams a view of their most critical operational data — saving time and precious resources.

With Delaget products, you can:

Ditch the Spreadsheets! With Delaget's all-in-one solutions, you're able to combine data from all critical in-store technologies and data sources by viewing everything on a single platform.

Customize the Solution to Your Brand & Company. Designed for your brand’s unique operating model, brand metrics, and priorities.

Drive Growth. Delaget's solutions provide the ability to seamlessly evolve with you as you grow.

See Performance Across All Locations. View your data across multiple locations on one application with the ability to drill down by location.

View Transaction-Level Details. Set alerts and drill down into single transactions, allowing you to confront loss down to the penny, with tact and ease.

Delaget's most popular QSR products include Delaget Coach, which is the recipient of the 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award, and Delaget Detect, which provides everything operators need to be alerted to, validate, and act on loss quickly.

With each solution, Delaget aims to simplify, save time, increase your ROI, and highlight the opportunities to reach and exceed goals.

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The Delaget integration allows pulling sales data from the following POS systems: