Simplifying team management, one shift at a time

Publish schedules from anywhere

Next week’s schedule at your fingertips

View and update your schedule on the go and sort it by time, role, employee, or department to ensure your restaurant is covered next week. Need to make a change? No sweat—make adjustments by adding, editing, deleting, or re-assigning shifts as needed from your phone, with staff being instantly notified of any changes.

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Stay connected with your team-securely

Keep everyone in the know

Update the whole team at once with one-way, team-wide Announcements from management. Plus, make sure everyone gets the memo with read receipts.

Remind staff about upcoming shifts

Ensure your staff always show up on time by sending automated shift reminders straight to their phones.

Chat directly with your staff

Instantly message your team either one-on-one or in groups. Keep it fun by sharing images, GIFs, and emojis!

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Cover shifts on the fly

Empower staff to swap shifts

Take the work off your plate by having staff find their own shift replacements by offering up shifts in the Shift Pool. Any shift bids are sent to managers for approval and schedules will be automatically updated.

Find coverage easily

No-call, no-show, no problem. Quickly fill last-minute gaps with “Find Who’s Available”, a mobile-exclusive feature. You’ll be able to easily find employees to cover call-outs, no shows, and late arrivals while avoiding labor violations, overtime, and other scheduling conflicts.

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Track your restaurant
performance from anywhere

Take the guesswork out of your restaurant’s progress with the Mobile Manager Dashboard—make more informed business decisions with the real-time sales and labor insights.

Restaurant manager mobile dashboard with staff members looking at computer

Stay labor compliant
and avoid penalties

Keep compliant with your local labor laws without having to sacrifice staff, customers, food quality, your bottom line, or your sanity.

Build breaks into the schedule

Ensure all staff members take their minimum scheduled break at the necessary times to avoid paying penalties.

Avoid unnecessary overtime

Receive real-time alerts when staff are about to go into overtime, or when you’ve scheduled an employee for too many hours in the week.

pop up box with alerts for labor compliance conflicts

Benefits for managers

  • Manage schedules, labor costs, and communication on the fly
  • Approve staff availability and requests from anywhere
  • Chat directly with staff or sent team-wide announcements
  • Keep track of real-time sales and labor
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Benefits for employees

  • Takes scheduling off the break room wall and into your pocket for wherever you go
  • Chat with coworkers right from the app
  • Never miss a shift with automatic reminders
  • Submit availability info and time-off requests in seconds
  • Easily offer up shifts to coworkers if needed
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The best restaurant shift planning mobile app

7shifts offers free mobile apps for managers and employees to manage schedules, chat with the team, and track relevant data. Now schedule management, team communication, and real-time data insights are available to your whole team, anywhere they go.

With built-in labor compliance features, managers can be empowered to keep compliant schedules, and employees’ rights are protected. 7shifts is the schedule maker app your restaurant needs to balance operational success and employee satisfaction.

Why managers love the 7shifts mobile app

The 7shifts mobile restaurant scheduling app makes it easy to manage your employee schedule on the go. With the manager app, managers can update the staff schedule from anywhere and instantly publish changes to employees.

Managers can update the Manager Log Book to keep private notes for the management team on the day’s activity, upcoming maintenance work, private parties, or more. With built-in compliance, managers will also receive notifications with staff need to take mandatory breaks or at risk of going into overtime.

With the 7shifts mobile app, managers will spend 80% less time scheduling staff, 70% less time dealing with calls and texts, and get an instant look at labor and sales data to make on-the-fly business decisions.

Why employees love the 7shifts mobile app

The 7shifts restaurant scheduling app makes life easier for your employees, too. With the employee app, your staff can access their schedule from their mobile device to see and swap upcoming shifts, communicate with the team, view their estimated earnings, and submit availability and time-off requests.

By 86ing the need for employees to text managers and coworkers directly, their privacy is solidified, and they can keep their work life contained to the appropriate internal channels.

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