Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Employee Scheduling

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The definitive guide to
restaurant staff scheduling

Managing your labor costs and staff ultimately comes down to effective scheduling practices. Whether you use pen and paper, excel, or a scheduling app like 7shifts, scheduling processes can be improved to make your restaurant more efficient.

However, with new labor compliance laws, availability and time-off requests, and the stress of day-to-day management tasks, developing the perfect employee schedule for your restaurant can be tough. This guide will help you overcome all of that.

Get the inside tips to help reduce turnover, lower labor costs, and streamline communication in your restaurant.

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What’s inside?

This ultimate scheduling guide contains the tips and tools you need to eliminate scheduling headaches, streamline operations, and reduce labor costs.

  1. What’s the Deal with Scheduling, Anyway?
  2. Scheduling 101: What It Is And Why It Matters
  3. Scheduling + Communication
  4. Scheduling + Engagement
  5. Scheduling + Retention
  6. Scheduling + Time Savings
  7. Scheduling + Cost Savings
  8. Conclusion
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