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Restaurant Time Clock Software

A restaurant time clock to cut your labor costs

Track attendance, stay labor compliant, and sync your data to improve accuracy—all within an easy-to-use app.

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Punching in is just the beginning

Export punches to payroll

Save time comparing time punches against scheduled hours and calculating paychecks based on hours worked. 7shifts syncs data between scheduling, time clocking, and payroll to make managing your labor a breeze.

7shifts screen for syncing restaurant worker timesheets and tips with payroll

Baked-in labor compliance

Eliminate unbudgeted labor costs and compliance fees with overtime and break alerts. 7shifts helps customers surface an average of $589 in labor infractions per month.

Employee Time Clocking

No more he said, she said

Track missed clock-ins at the beginning or end of shifts and use punch audit reports to view any modifications made to staff timesheets. 

Punch audit

Prevent spending on OT

Use one platform to manage time clocking and scheduling. Reduce stress knowing your employees are punching in properly.

Compliance alerts

Restaurants that use 7shifts for time tracking save $2,000 per month on time theft and payroll errors

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“"From our perspective, 7shifts literally cuts down 5-10 hours a week of admin time, while also providing us a convenient, central location for communication with staff, basic HR data, etc. We use the free 7punches app to track time punches, which also has some nifty features that help us manage labor costs and keep better tabs on things like lateness."”

Gerad Coles

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about 7shifts Time Clocking

  • Our time clock app, 7punches, lets you track labor data and employee attendance against your schedule. This makes it easy to detect variances and helps you reduce labor costs.

    Tracking clock-ins and clock-outs with our free time clocking app, 7punches helps keep your restaurant labor compliant. Keep an eye on when employees need to take mandatory breaks, when they’re at risk of overtime, and more.

    You’ll have all of this information at your fingertips.

  • 7shifts has advanced compliance rules in place for states that have passed restaurant labor laws concerning overtime pay rates, breaks, Fair Workweek schedules for employees, etc.

    Jurisdictions we cover include, but aren’t limited to, New York, California, DC, Philadelphia, Illinois and more.

  • 7punches syncs with 7shifts scheduling to prevent time theft. Only team members who are scheduled for a shift can clock in, ensuring accurate timesheets.

    You can also enable optional photo clock-in or geofencing to ensure your team is present to begin their shifts. This saves you paying for unbudgeted labor hours and makes employee attendance management easier.

    7punches reduces manual employee time tracking in restaurants so you can focus on your business.

  • Yes! Restaurant employees love clocking in with the 7shifts time tracking app, 7punches, on any mobile device.

    It’s an easy, convenient way to start a shift, and because hours worked sync with 7shifts tip management and payroll software, you can ensure your team gets paid accurately. How many other time clocks can say that?

    It’s good for your team, and good for business.

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