We’ve Made Life Easier for 1 Million Restaurant Pros

We’ve Made Life Easier for 1 Million Restaurant Pros
Jordan Boesch

By Jordan Boesch

As of last week, there are now more than 1 million restaurant pros using 7shifts! That means 1 in every 15 restaurant workers in the U.S. relies on 7shifts to stay better connected to their team, manage their work schedules, and get paid.

I know firsthand how difficult and unpredictable this industry can be. When I was younger, my grandparents owned restaurants and my dad owned several Quiznos locations. That’s where 7shifts was born and where I witnessed the power that comes with giving employees easy access to their schedule. Over the past eight years, we’ve seen how transparency evolves into trust between management and their teams. That's a core part of creating a successful workplace in any industry.

As Danny Meyer says, “Culture is the sum of all the behaviors that we champion minus all the ones we tolerate.” That consistent demonstration of behaviors is what creates a culture that either strongly attracts the right people or repels the wrong ones.

Restaurant staff at gusto!, a QSR in Atlanta
Staff at gusto! in Atlanta

It's our job to understand the challenges that restaurant operators face, and provide the tools they need to simplify their operations and improve performance for their restaurant. This means putting workers at the center to create a strong team and culture that impacts the goals of the restaurant. And restaurant workers have spoken. They want flexible scheduling, improved communication, ways to give feedback, and fast and transparent tip payments.

There are fewer hospitality workers than there were in 2019. Hiring is at its most competitive, and workers are more selective about where they choose to work. Operators are shifting to forward-thinking practices and recognizing the impact technology can have on their business. Take bartaco for example, where the path for career growth is laid out in the hiring process—and dishwashers can make $47,000 a year. Or at Destination Unknown Restaurants, where co-founder Kelly Phillips has put most of her team on a salaried professional wage, setting the bar high and elevating the industry.

Here are more great products you can look forward to:


We recognize that the employee experience continues far beyond just hiring them, and that regular feedback loops build great cultures. Our engagement tools facilitate that feedback in a simple and measurable way, so everyone’s voices are heard. We’re proud to say that restaurants using 7shifts experience 60% better staff retention than industry norm.

Tip Pooling and Payouts

We started our tips journey in 2021 with the release of our Tip Pooling tool, helping managers save up to 8 hours a week on complex tip pool calculations.

This year, we’re expanding into adding the last mile to our Tip Pooling solution, Tip Payouts. This enables restaurants to instantly send employees' tips directly to their personal bank account—no more bank runs, and no more waiting until payday for tips.


Since the beginning, we’ve strived to make restaurant payroll easier for operators with time clocking tools, deep regional-based compliance support, and dozens of POS and Payroll integrations to ensure everything streamlines.

Now, we’ve spent the last year building out a payroll product that integrates with all of the best parts of 7shifts to make managers’ jobs easier, and get teams paid accurately for their hard work.

Fahad Hanif, an Owner/Operator at Halal Guys, told us,

“I was drawn to 7shifts because of their simple and easy interface for scheduling, but when I found out they also did payroll, it was a no-brainer. My employees onboarded via the 7shifts mobile app in 10 minutes, and I'm already saving hours of time when it comes to processing payroll. Total game changer.”

Fahad Hanif, Owner/Operator at The Halal Guys
Fahad Hanif of The Halal Guys

We want to make 7shifts a one-stop-shop for all your Team Management and HR needs. With your support, this inches us closer to fulfilling that promise to you.

Keep up to date with serving what’s next to learn what the best operators are doing for this generation of restaurants and their teams.

And finally, to every one of the 1 million restaurant pros—thank you. The trust you put in our team, your candid feedback, and insights are critical in building the best Team Management platform for the hospitality industry.

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Jordan Boesch
Jordan Boesch

Jordan is the CEO @ 7shifts. Jordan grew up working in his dad’s restaurant and fell in love with the industry–the rest is history.