Free Tip Pooling Calculator Template

Dive into tip pooling with this free Excel calculator

Restaurant Tip Pooling Calculator TemplateRestaurant Tip Pooling Calculator Template

Tip pools are complicated. This template makes it easier. Simply fill in the employee hours and the tip amounts and the spreadsheet calculates the payout for you.

Restaurant Tip Pooling Calculator TemplateRestaurant Tip Pooling Calculator Template

How to use your free tip pooling calculator template

Make your tip pooling journey easier with this custom template.
Starting with the first column - input total tip amounts alongside the staff that will be receiving tips.
Input data regarding the hours worked and the multiplier rate associated with each position.
Apply multiplier rates and positions in the Multiplier tab to equitably divvy up tips based on position and hours worked.
Divide tips fairly, accurately, and easily!
Example Tip Pooling CalculatorExample Tip Pooling Calculator

Three tips for ensuring you split tips correctly

1. Know the Law

The first step to correctly splitting tips is understanding the law. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs how tips must be divided among employees, and it’s important to familiarize yourself with the relevant regulations.

2. Keep Accurate Records

Another important step is keeping accurate records of tips received. This will help you ensure that tips are properly allocated among employees.

3. Communicate With Your Employees

Finally, it’s important to communicate with your employees about tip splitting. Make sure they understand the law and your policies. This will help avoid misunderstandings and potential legal problems.

How does this free template stack up to 7shifts?

Compare how functionality of this Excel sheet against a robust team management platform like 7shifts.

Tip Pooling Template

Contribute by percentage of tips

Enter tips manually

Distribute tips based on hours worked

Automatically sync POS tip contribution

Contribute by percentage of sales

Distribute tips based on custom percentage

Distribute tips based on points weighting

Automatically send tips to payroll

Pool tips by daypart

Set-and-forget tip pool configuration

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Get Tip Pools right the first time

When it comes to splitting tips, you only have one chance to get it right. If you’re inaccurate, you can impact someone’s financial well-being—and even find yourself at the end of a costly compliance lawsuit.

The calculator is just the beginning

A powerful team management platform like 7shifts can help you keep track of costs, unlock efficiencies, and take your tip pool to the next level.
7shifts integrations for POS, payroll, and more.7shifts integrations for POS, payroll, and more.

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Time saved on scheduling
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Reduced labor costs
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Tip pooling software for restaurants.Tip pooling software for restaurants.

Restaurant Tip Pooling Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included in the tip pooling calculator and template?

Sections for an employees, positions, number of shifts. Multiplier sheet with value add ons. An easy-to-use template where you can input your employee data and divide tips fairly and quickly.

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