2019: A Year in Review

2019: A Year in Review
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

We may be well into the new year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment to celebrate 2019. It was a landmark year for 7shifts—and for restaurants.

As labor regulations changed, so did 7shifts. We introduced compliance features to support Fair Workweek laws in California and New York.

In May, we introduced Engage to 7shifts customers, which allowed managers to track and improve employee happiness.

Restaurant operations management became easier for tens of thousands of restaurants when we introduced  a number of new integrations for both POS and payroll systems.

And that’s just what happened within the walls of 7shifts! It was also a whirlwind of a year for our customers, who levelled up their labor, increased employee engagement, grew their businesses, and, in general, did a lot of cool stuff.

In fact, we’re so impressed with what our customers achieved in 2019 that we put together a recap you can take a look at here. But here are just a few highlights:

  • 65,990,772 shifts were scheduled using 7shifts
  • 895,624 messages were sent using the 7shifts app
  • 7shifts customers expanded their businesses to over 800 new locations
Take a look back at 2019

We’re so proud of what 7shifts customers have achieved over the last year—and we know  they’ll only continue to amaze us.

So what’s on the menu for 2020? Stay tuned to find out!

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Dew Smith
Dew Smith

Hey! I'm Dew, the former Brand Strategist. I cultivated 7shifts' social and content garden, and I looked for ways to grow our network of restaurateurs, local talent, and tech companies.