[Release] Quantifying Employee Engagement at Restaurants with Engage

[Release] Quantifying Employee Engagement at Restaurants with Engage
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

In the hospitality industry, employee turnover wreaks havoc on restaurant operating costs. With employee turnover sitting north of 70%, workforce management is ripe for disruption. That's why 7shifts set out to build a new, innovative product to help mitigate turnover and improve workplace satisfaction.

Introducing Engage: the solution for restaurants looking to track employee engagement, reduce restaurant turnover, and use the information gained to grow workplace satisfaction and profits. 🎉

Meet the new 7shifts Engage Dashboard đź‘‹

As an all-in-one employee engagement dashboard built for restaurants of all sizes, Engage provides managers and operators with insight into individual and store-specific engagement levels.

Restaurateurs receive an employee engagement score based on key employee behavioral indicators. Restaurateurs can use engage to identify the most and least-engaged members of their team and take action to improve workplace satisfaction. By combining these insights with 7shifts' other labor management tools, restaurant owners and operators can be proactive in increasing job satisfaction, reducing costly turnover, and saving their restaurant thousands every month.

In a survey of our clients, 82% of restaurant owners and managers indicated that they encourage employee engagement by addressing issues promptly, which suggests that products like Engage and Shift Feedback are critical in improving workplace engagement. Additionally, 80% of respondents indicated that they like to give kudos to highly engaged employees, which Engage can help highlight by quantifying each employees’ engagement level. Once identified, our built-in communications tools can be used to give kudos to your top-performers and highlight them to your team.

"We are helping restaurateurs keep a pulse on their workforce. If a great staff member is becoming disengaged, managers should want to know why. With Engage, managers now have a chance to proactively address this issue before an employee leaves. Turnover costs restaurateurs an average of $3,500 per employee, due to a temporary loss in productivity, re-hiring, and re-training efforts. We want to help save restaurateurs from losing more on their bottom line and Engage is the first step in doing so."

How Engage Helps Restaurants

Taste Restaurant Group, a growing multi-unit operation, has already begun to reap the benefits of Engage by monitoring weekly changes in staff engagement.

“With multiple locations and 100+ staff, it was previously impossible to monitor the sentiment of each team member and stay ahead of turnover. With the addition of 7shifts' Engage, we have gained valuable insights into our operations we never had before. We can now identify and reward highly engaged members of our team while providing the proactive coaching others need to excel at their job. We believe our restaurants are only as good as our people, and Engage is helping us make this possible.”

Leanna Rennie. Manager of Guest Service at Taste Restaurant Group.

Benefits of 7shifts’ Engage for Restaurant Employee Engagement

Designed for restaurants of any size or complexity, 7shifts provides a robust set of employee engagement features for restaurants.

  • Staff engagement insights allow owners and operators to track engagement at each location and changes in trends over time by seeing the changes week over week.
  • Proactive employee statistics enable managers to reduce staff turnover by identifying top performers to encourage and low performers to provide further training and attention, which helps reduce turnover.
  • Real-time shift feedback allows employees to self-report the sentiment of their most recent shift for managers to spot operational issues and get a pulse on job satisfaction, a key indicator of retention.
"With record-low unemployment and sharply rising labor costs, effective labor management is the single-biggest challenge facing restaurants today.Successful restaurants recognize this as an opportunity to turn labor into a competitive advantage by building world-class cultures that empower and retain their staff. Drawing on the learnings from thousands of successful restaurants, 7shifts Engage provides a simple, intuitive platform to help restaurateurs increase retention and efficiency in their workplaces."

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Dew Smith
Dew Smith

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