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3 Free restaurant templates to save you money

Restaurant operations & management spreadsheets

When running a restaurant, you're always crunched for time and your to-do lists never end. You need to get things done–not worry about whether things are being done properly or not.

When it comes to scheduling, timesheets, and performance reviews, maybe you've got someone who's handled things so long no one else knows exactly how to do what they do (tribal knowledge is risky!). Or maybe you're just getting off-the-ground and aren't familiar with the best practices that are common knowledge to more experienced oweners, operators, and managers.

Truth is, there's nothing more rewarding than customizing and relying on a template tailored to your bar or restaurant's specific needs. The problem is, few templates out there cater to the needs of bars and restaurants. That's why we've crafted 3 brand new tools exclusively for bar and restaurant managers.

We hope you find these restaurant operations & management spreadsheets useful (and don't forget to customize them!) but if you still find yourself itching to unchain your buisness from a computer desktop, you may find that mobile apps more your speed.

Until then, download the 3 FREE templates below, right now, and take your time back.

Monthly Work Schedule Excel Template

Does your restaurant create the schedule once per month as opposed to once per week? If so, this template is made for you! Quickly build your schedule and make changes with ease to help you spend less time scheduling and more time managing your restaurant.

✔️ Easily enter your shift times and positions
✔️ Customizable for your restaurant
✔️ Quickly build your schedule
✔️ Send scheduled shifts to your staff with 7shifts

Get the Monthly Work Schedule Excel Template

Restaurant Timecard Calculator Excel Template

Tired or tracking and tallying timesheets manually? Looking to streamline your restaurant's payroll? Our restaurant timecard calculator is made for you. Automatically tally breaks and OT to get accurate payroll costs based on an employee's wage.

✔️ Quickly calculate staff timecards
✔️ Include breaks and overtime pay opportunities
✔️ Customize for your restaurant and staff

Get the Timecard Calculator Excel Template

Restaurant Performance Review Excel Template

Savvy restaurateurs know that in order to retain and empower staff, you need to effectively manage their performance. Helping your staff understand their strengths and weaknesses during – especially during their probationary period – leads to increased retention and job performance. Manage your staff's performance with ease, using our customizable performance review template.

✔️ Quickly document staff performance
✔️ Setup all the ratings categories you need
✔️ Provide space for staff to give their own feedback
✔️ Customize it for your restaurant or operation

Get the Performance Review Excel Template

Looking for even more templates to help your restaurant save time and money? Check out our ever growing Restaurant Resources page to find templates and tools made for modern restaurateurs. Or, if you have a suggestion for a restaurant resource that we can make, drop us a line.

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