3 Free Restaurant Templates to Save You Money

3 Free Restaurant Templates to Save You Money
7shifts Staff

By 7shifts Staff

You're always crunched for time and your to-do lists never end. Sound familiar?

When you run a restaurant, you need to get things done — not worry about whether they're done properly.

That's why we created free templates to help you manage your restaurant team. Customize them to match your needs and save time — so that you can focus on the important things.

Restaurant Schedule Excel Template

Effective employee scheduling means finding the right mix of shifts and shift types for your business. It means understanding employee availability and managing employee requests for time off and even last-minute shift changes.

This template lets you quickly build your schedule and make changes with ease. Spend less time scheduling and more time managing your restaurant.

✔ Quickly create your weekly schedules
✔ Assign roles and shift times
✔ Completely customizable to your restaurant

Download the free Restaurant Schedule Template

Restaurant Tip Pooling Calculator Template

Tip pools are complicated, but not anymore. This tip out excel template makes it easier for restaurants and bars to calculate tip amounts efficiently. Simply fill in employee hours and tip amounts and the spreadsheet calculates the payout for you.

✔ Contribute by percentage of tips
✔ Enter tips manually
✔ Distribute tips based on hours worked

Download the free Tip Pooling Calculator Template

Restaurant Employee Training Manual Template

Having a single source of truth means you're giving all employees the same information that they can go back and reference. The more comprehensive and accessible your training manual is, the less questions you'll be peppered with later on.

Even your most seasoned staff can forget things. Keeping a training manual at service stations or behind bars gives everyone a source of truth and helps iron out those little mistakes.

✔ Keep all training information in one accessible place
✔ Create a single point of reference for staff to rely on for answers
✔ Customize the template to match your needs

Download the free Restaurant Training Manual Template

Hungry for more free restaurant templates to manage your team more efficiently? Check our full list of Restaurant Resources to find templates and tools made for modern restaurateurs. If you have a suggestion for what you'd like to see, drop us a line.

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