7shifts’ Partner Ecosystem: The Ultimate Restaurant Employee Tech Stack

7shifts’ Partner Ecosystem: The Ultimate Restaurant Employee Tech Stack
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

The restaurant technology landscape is a difficult one to navigate, and it’s constantly evolving.

At 7shifts, we believe there are five critical stages that a restaurant employee moves through in their lifecycle: hiring, training, scheduling, paying and retaining. At the end of that cycle is restaurant operations, which helps keep the workplace running and employees happy.


Thankfully, there are many restaurant technology companies out there to help restaurateurs navigate this complex landscape. 7shifts has partnered with best-of-breed companies that offer solutions in every stage of that journey to ensure success for restaurateurs through the employee-employer relationship.

Check out the companies below to get the technology you need to manage your restaurant employee lifecycle and optimize your operations.

With the amount of restaurant employees and managers that depend on 7shifts every day, it’s important that we partner with best-of-breed restaurant solutions to offer more value to our existing customers and build industry trust.

— Jordan Boesch, CEO

Table of Contents

7shifts Partners: The Restaurant Employee Tech Stack
1. Employee Hiring
2. Employee Training
3. Employee Scheduling
4. Employee Pay
5. Employee Engagement and Restaurant Operations
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1. Hire the Right Restaurant Employee


Hiring is the first stage of the restaurant employee journey—and a critical piece for restaurant owners and managers to cover. How can you run a successful restaurant without the staff you need?

According to our findings of 7shifts customers:

  • 59.5% of restaurateurs spend from 0-2 weeks in hiring (from job posting to hiring a candidate)
  • 33.7% spend 3-4 weeks hiring
  • 6.9% spend 5+ weeks hiring


For restaurants that don’t have that kind of time to devote in finding the perfect staff members, there are great hiring solutions for restaurants to keep your restaurant staffed flexibly and efficiently. Check out these 7shifts partners for all your staffing needs.


Ziprecruiter is an online employment marketplace that makes finding qualified, accountable restaurant staff easy. Powered by AI matching technology, restaurant owners can have their job posting sent to 100+ job sites across the web and have applicants automatically identified, notified, and connected.

Whether you’re expanding your restaurant operation, or just need to find a permanent replacement, check out ZipRecruiter to get your employment needs met.

Learn more about ZipRecruiter →

2. Employee Training


Once an employee is hired, the next step is to onboard them into your business and train them to perform the role they have been hired for. The restaurant industry is fast-paced, and there’s a lot to learn to get up and running in a new gig. Whether the employee is a newcomer to the industry, to the role, or to simply to the restaurant itself, providing the proper training materials and onboarding at this stage is critical to building a great team.

❗Training and education don't end after onboarding, either. Provide your employees with the tools and resources they need for professional development to help build their skillset, provide top-notch customer service and provide them with a clear career path.

These companies can facilitate restaurant your restaurant staff training so they can perform their duties as the high degree expected of them in your restaurant.


Typsy’s goal is to make every hospitality moment exceptional and to do so by empowering the hospitality professionals of the world with the insights, resources, and skills they need to serve up success. Typsy creates a global community of hospitality professionals and connects them with a vast network of resources and course content they need from the top minds in the industry.

Send your restaurant staff to typsy for top-notch education and resources to hone their skills.

Learn more about Typsy →


Wisetail is the Learning Management System (LMS) restaurants need to build their culture and brand in the place that their team learns, grows and communicates. Once employees are hired, restaurant managers and owners can use Wisetail to get them trained with this full-featured LMS made for restaurants, and cultivate their perfect workplace culture.

Learn more about Wisetail →

3. Employee Scheduling


The employee scheduling piece of the lifecycle is where the 7shifts platform lives. With clear communication about hours and schedule between restaurant owners, managers and their employees, the workplace can be a happier and more efficient place. 7shifts allows restaurants of all shapes and sizes to quickly schedule staff, streamline communication, and reduce labor costs.

When it comes to managing staff, managers need to think of hiring, training, scheduling, paying and retaining. It's a lot to cover, but scheduling is a growing area of importance for operators. Managers need to rethink how they've been scheduling and take an objective view on what it takes to manage and engage staff. A proper scheduling tool can keep staff and customer satisfaction high and save thousands per month on labor. It's a win/win for both managers and staff.

Jordan Boesch, CEO

4. Employee Pay

It goes without saying that to retain employees, you need to compensate them fairly. Predictable and transparent pay are big reasons staff choose to stay with an employer, and streamlining payroll makes life easier for restaurant leadership to save time and stress.

Thankfully, there are excellent technology solutions available for restaurateurs to manage payroll and make employee compensation and wage management easy.


ADP simplifies payroll to make business owners’ lives easy. While restaurant owners and operators take care of the restaurant operations, ADP makes the payroll effortless. Use ADP to run payroll, file taxes, and get payroll support in a few clicks. The payroll export integration with 7shifts makes paying your staff for the hours worked simple.

Learn more about ADP →


7punches is a time clocking app that integrates with 7shifts to sync employee scheduling, attendance and payroll reports. 7punches helps streamline payroll by linking it directly to the restaurant staff schedule. Generate reports for payroll periods to see which employees clocked in, at what time, approved vs unapproved breaks, and more. Keeping track of actual hours worked alongside the scheduled hours will help managers and operators stay on top of payroll.

Learn more about 7punches →

5. Employee Engagement and Restaurant Operations

Keeping the restaurant operating efficiently is a critical piece in the restaurant employee lifecycle. Restaurant employee engagement and operations go hand in hand. By creating a great workplace culture with engaged employees, you create an efficient workplace—and, vice versa—an efficient, productive workplace creates fulfilled and engaged employees.

Technologies exist today for restaurants to monitor, manage and analyze their restaurant performance and identify areas for improvement. These best-in-class operations software companies provide restaurant owners with the tech they need to identify areas of operational improvement which can reduce costs and increase speed of service.

  • Every day we hear from restaurateurs that opportunities for growth are limited because they do not have access to the right data at the right time. (Our partners) provide restaurateurs the insights they need to make timely, profitable, and employee-focused business decisions.*

Jordan Boesch, CEO


MeazureUp helps multi-unit restaurants manage their operational consistency and track performance by providing a robust analytics engine to increase customer satisfaction and accountability.

Learn more about MeazureUp →


Piik provides restaurateurs with labor cost and schedule analyses needed to make proactive and profitable business decisions. Piik leverages data science and AI to provide restaurant owners and managers with automated insights and recommendations to help grow sales, optimize costs, improve staff scheduling and enhance the customer experience.

Learn more about Piik →


SevenRooms is a reservation and guest management platform that helps restaurateurs get hungry consumers into their restaurant. The platform is built to help hospitality operators boost profits through direct, personalized and positive relationship-building with their guests.

SevenRooms includes a white-label booking widget, guest profiles, and table management capabilities to provide best-in-class customer service to guests. When restaurateurs know more about their customers with guest profiles, they can provide a more personalized service from staff and serve a better experience overall. Plus, restaurateurs can match their staff schedule to reservation and walk-in volume to keep your restaurant running at optimal labor costs.

Learn more about SevenRooms →

SoLink is the restaurant owner’s ultimate security platform for employee safety and loss prevention that links video & POS data to protect your business. SoLink’s data analysis platform helps restaurateurs find and solve business problems by reviewing POS data and camera feeds.

This unique technology platform and mobile app can send restaurant owners and managers reports and alerts when unusual motion or transactions take place at their restaurant. By immediately identifying suspicious activity, managers can take immediate action to protect their employees and business avoid problems at any and all restaurant locations.

Additionally, by having smart software monitoring your restaurant camera feeds, staff can feel more secure and know that work has their back in case anything happens.

Learn more about SoLink →

Becoming a 7shifts Partner

At 7shifts, we’re always looking to partner with companies that strive to improve the lives of restaurant owners and employees worldwide. If your solution facilitates the restaurant employee lifecycle, or helps restaurant owners improve their operations, we want to hear from you!

Do you work with restaurants and focus on either restaurant employee lifecycle or restaurant operations? Do you want to partner for mutual benefit, educate the restaurant industry, and increase your business’ stickiness? Let’s talk.

7shifts is partnering with top restaurant technology solutions to help restaurateurs save time by producing insights into their operations that they can take action on. By building our restaurant technology stack with partners, we are keeping our customers ahead of the game rather than catching up.

Kassigan Naicker, Head of Partnerships

7shifts believes that delivering products that help restaurant operators manage staff will help everybody win. Managers will have stronger retention rates and manageable labor costs, on the flip-side, employees will be more engaged in the work they do since they're using modern apps.

Jordan Boesch, CEO


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