The Restaurant Turnover Rate Is Too High! Here's how To Overcome It!

The Restaurant Turnover Rate Is Too High! Here's how To Overcome It!
Kim Warner

By Kim Warner

86|ˌādēˈsiks | verb [with object] North American informal: To reject, discard, or cancel; eg. "the ribeye steak promo will be 86ed in an hour"
ORIGIN: 1930s (as a noun, used in restaurants and bars to indicate that a menu item is unavailable or that a customer is not to be served)

As a restaurant manager, you have a lot on your plate. There’s much more to the job than what an average customer might see—to them, you’re the friendly face checking in on diners during a busy dinner service to ensure awesome customer service and flawless food. You’re the face of the business, but you’re also the person behind the scenes that’s keeping the business alive and thriving.

You’re constantly working to maintain a balanced budget, achieve scheduling harmony for your staff, and on top of all that, you have to confront the restaurant turnover rate that can cause serious damage to the business’ already-thin margins.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Program, the overall annual employee turnover rate in 2016 for the “restaurants and accommodations” sector was a jaw-dropping 73%—the highest of any industry!

How can you improve turnover rates when the stats are nothing short of discouraging? It’s going to take more than a subtle adjustment—it’s going to take an industry-wide course correction.

Together, we can make working in a restaurant an enticing, gainful employment opportunity for prospective and existing employees alike. It’s an effort that can ease the qualms of the restaurant manager and increase restaurant employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Let's 86 the 73% Annual Restaurant Turnover Rate

Toast and 7shifts have partnered to create a Restaurant Employee Retention Playbook that will help you 86 your restaurant’s overwhelming staff turnover rate.

The Playbook contains a mix of actionable information, tips, and templates you can use to shape your restaurant’s employee retention plan. The templates and checklists contain examples of items you might consider including in your own version. Each template can be downloaded in a blank, customizable form for you to fill out according to your restaurant’s needs.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the Restaurant Employee Retention Playbook:

  • Your New Restaurant Employee Onboarding Guide – Helpful information and tips for creating your restaurant’s onboarding program so your employees can hit the ground running when they join your business.
  • The Week One Checklist – The customizable Week One Checklist gives structure to your new employees’ first weeks, and allows management to track their progress.
  • 30 | 60 | 90 Day Onboarding Checklist – Our customizable 30 | 60 | 90 Day Onboarding Checklist will guide your new employees’ first 30, 60, and 90 days with your restaurant, including tasks to accomplish, check-in meetings, and more!
  • The One-on-One Meeting Guide & Template – Helpful information and tips to consider when conducting meaningful one-on-one meetings with your restaurant staff.
  • Employee Engagement Tips – Learn the most effective restaurant employee engagement tips and tricks!
  • Your Guide to Creating an Annual Restaurant Employee Review Program & Evaluation Templates
    Learn about what an annual employee review program is, why it’s so important, and collect tips on how to conduct your own annual employee review program.
    We’ve also included the following free, customizable templates:
    Employee Annual Review: Manager’s Evaluation Form
    Employee Annual Review: Peer Evaluation Form
    Employee Annual Review: Self-Evaluation Form

With the Restaurant Employee Retention Playbook to guide you and your employees through onboarding process and beyond, you’ll be set to reduce your restaurant’s turnover rate simply by investing in your employees. Click below to download your Playbook!

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Kim Warner
Kim Warner

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