How Hyperion Public Stays Profitable and Labor Compliant with 7shifts

How Hyperion Public Stays Profitable and Labor Compliant with 7shifts
Dew Smith

By Dew Smith

Hyperion Public started as the dream of two dads—John Speaks and Paddy Aubrey. As their children went off to the same preschool, Speaks and Aubrey looked for a place that they felt comfortable hanging out, watching the game, and having meetings for work—but there was nowhere in Silver Lake, Los Angeles that fit the bill.

The Story

So they decided to open their own restaurant hangout spot. One that reflected each of the owners and their idea of the perfect restaurant to relax, socialize, and eat.

The dining room is a reflection of Paddy—light, bright, and welcoming for families. The lounge area represents Speaks—a dark gastro-pub for friends.

Hyperion GM, Teddy Goldstein, has worked at Hyperion since 2013, starting as a pantry cook in the kitchen. Before joining Hyperion, Teddy owned his own business, and had never worked in the restaurant industry. However, he decided to follow his restaurateur dreams, and worked his way up from there.

A modern restaurant lacking modern solutions

When Teddy joined the management team of Hyperion Public, it was clear that they needed a major technology overhaul. Slow, manual processes were taking up a large chunk of time and slowing down the efficiency of the business.

Little technology was being used in the management of Hyperion at all—things were being done the way "the always had been," with printed tickets and schedules, emailed time-off requests printed and stuck on the wall—inefficiencies and paper abound.

In such a fast-paced industry, technology is crucial to help reduce administrative work and allow management to focus on their clients and staff. At Hyperion, schedules were being crafted in Excel and all communication was done through email to the GM. The processes in place were simply too slow for a profitable, modern, and popular restaurant.

Simplifying labor management with 7shifts

1. Restaurant scheduling

When Teddy became a manager, he was introduced to Hyperion's scheduling process. The GM at the time would go home at the end of the night with a pile of papers and send out the schedule at 2 in the morning.

With 7shifts, Teddy was able to cut the scheduling process from over 4 hours to just 30 minutes a week—saving the business hundreds of dollars a month and countless headaches, just in terms of admin time.

Infographic of how much time Hyperion Public spent on scheduling before and after adopting 7shifts

With their Toast  POS integration, sales and labor data is pulled directly into 7shifts so Teddy can schedule the people they need based on their projected sales. With the weekly labor budget tool visible on their scheduling page, Teddy and other managers are able to monitor their labor cost while they schedule real-time in order to make the best staffing decisions.

Graph of Labor hours vs sales of Hyperion Public

Looking at the hours scheduled (light orange) versus sales (dark orange), having the labor budget tool built into the scheduling process, Hyperion public was able to schedule the right amount of staff to always hit their labor targets.

Graph of Hyperion Public's labor cost percentage

2. Events management

By ensuring all Events were added into 7shifts, from birthday parties to sporting events, management could more accurately schedule based on the expected foot traffic that day.

Graph of Hyperion Public's weekly labor hours

Teddy insures that all the big sports games are input on 7shifts as events. That way, every employees sees what game they're working when they come in, what channel it's on, and what to expect in terms of foot traffic. Teddy even mentions that they have a local soccer club that comes to watch games, and they're all at different times on different channels. However, with 7shifts' Events feature, the Hyperion Public team can stay on top of it and properly serve their sports-happy diners.

With sports games built into the schedule, Hyperion Public was planning for 2-3 events per day. Scheduling more staff was a must for heavy event days, as sales and guests also grew—maximizing the profitability of event days and avoiding any understaffing.

3. California labor compliance

Hyperion Public has many new, strict labor laws to comply with as an LA-based restaurant. Labor laws in California are complex, with strict rest and meal break policies state-wide, and Fair Workweek ordinances being implemented in several Californian cities.

However, with 7shifts’ built-in California labor compliance tools, staying compliant and penalty-free was easy.

Teddy is right—compliance fees are going to rack up into the millions for Californian restaurants in 2020. Having a modern scheduling system like 7shifts that effectively alerts and blocks you from breaking predictive scheduling laws gives a new peace of mind where compliance isn’t even an issue.

Improve your labor management like Hyperion Public

Making life simpler for Hyperion Public staff with scheduling, event management, communication, and labor compliance allowed them to reduce hours of admin work and stay profitable.

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