Restaurant Comics: Working with Technology

Restaurant Comics: Working with Technology
Samantha Fung

By Samantha Fung

When work starts to feel comical, there are tools to help. Reinvent the way your restaurant team works with 7shifts' complete team management platform.

Comic strip about a server checking their restaurant work schedule with and without 7shifts team management software

Don't get surprised by last-minute shift changes at the restaurant. Check your work schedule instantly in the 7shifts mobile app.

Comic strip about a restaurant manager inputting tips for payroll with and without 7shifts team management software

You could be buried in a mountain of spreadsheets, or you could have software calculate staff tips for you.

Save time and effort with automated tip calculations in 7shifts. Plus, with our POS and payroll integrations, you can send tips directly to your payroll provider. Learn more here.

Comic strip about an executive of a restaurant group checking labor costs for stores with and without 7shifts team management software

Stop getting different reports through text, email, fax, and carrier pigeon. See dashboards and reports on team management for all locations in one place.

Illustrated by Genivieve Mahoney.

Reinventing the way restaurant teams work

Simple to set up, easy to use. Give your restaurant the team management tools they need to be successful. Start your free trial today.

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Samantha Fung
Samantha Fung

I've taken orders at a drive-thru and a golf course. I've quit a Thai restaurant after 3 shifts. I've done marketing at a Tex-Mex franchise. Now I create content about the restaurant industry.