Restaurant Productivity Podcast with 7shifts and BlueCart

Chris de Jong

By Chris de Jong

We’ve teamed up with our friends at BlueCart to sponsor the 6th week of their on-going Zero Waste Kitchen project; a live case-study featuring 3 amazing chefs from across the country chronicling their journey towards eliminating food waste in their restaurants.

This week’s Zero Waste Kitchen theme is 'time management and productivity' – a topic near and dear to our hearts at 7shifts as savings restaurants time and money (on scheduling) is what we do. But because time management and productivity is approached differently by every restauranteur, we thought that it would be fun to get all the Zero Waste Kitchen chefs together and record a podcast about it!

Hosted by 7shifts CEO Jordan Boesch, we chatted with chef Tim Ma of Kyirisan, Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen and Jehangir Mehta of Graffiti Earth about their secrets for running and efficient restaurant, how they make the most of their (limited) time, and what their favorite restaurant “life-hacks” are.  Listen below or download the podcast to take with you on the go.


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Chris de Jong
Chris de Jong

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm the Director of Marketing at 7shifts. I work with our talented team to help restaurateurs save time and money on scheduling.