The Top 10 Restaurant Podcasts You Must Listen To Right Now

The Top 10 Restaurant Podcasts You Must Listen To Right Now
7shifts Staff

By 7shifts Staff

The fast-paced nature of the restaurant industry makes it difficult for owners and managers to sit down, let alone read reports, restaurant magazines and blog posts to gain industry knowledge.

The solution is simple: Podcasts!

Podcasts are an effective way to stay up-to-date on industry trends, and get tools and resources to help you run your restaurant. Similar to radio talk shows, podcasts are conversational and entertaining - but also educational. People submit their podcasts to Spotify and other platforms to make them easy to find and build an audience. You can tune into your favorite podcasts on a wide variety of platforms, such as:

You can listen to podcasts whenever and wherever - while performing paperwork tasks, cleaning duties or even on your way to work.

The world of restaurant podcasts discussing is vast, with knowledge coming from every corner of the industry. By learning from others' experiences, you too can be successful. Here are some of our favorite restaurant podcasts to tune in to!

1. The Pre-Shift Podcast

7shifts Restaurant Growth Podcast

The Pre-Shift Podcast by 7shifts brings together restaurant leaders from all corners of our industry: full-service, quick-service, tech, and everyone who helps push hospitality forward. In short, 15- to 20-minute episodes, listeners come away with practical tips, new insight, and tactics to help their restaurant grow. Previous guests include: Eric Cacciatore, Danny Meyer, and Ken McGarrie to name a few.

You can tune in to The Restaurant Growth Podcast on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on establishing core restaurant values, featuring Kelly McCutcheon - Vice President of People at Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

2. The Garnish by Toast

Garnish Podcast

The Garnish by Toast brings stories and advice from restaurateurs, managers, chefs, servers, cooks, and everyone else who powers the restaurant industry. Episodes feature a variety of topics such as restaurant funding, emotional intelligence in restaurants, staff retention and restaurant workplace culture.

You can tune in to The Garnish on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on parenthood in restaurants.

3. Restaurant & Retail Revel(ations)

Revel ations podcast

Restaurant & Retail Revel(ations) by Revel Systems brings you a wealth of business insights and best practices from tenured leaders in the food, beverage and retail industry. Revel in the advice and perspective of hospitality leaders anywhere and anytime!

You can tune in to Restaurant & Retail Revel(ations) on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on franchising, featuring Steve DeSutter - former President/CEO at Focus Brands Inc.

4. Restaurant Unstoppable

Restaurant Unstoppable

Restaurant Unstoppable, hosted by Eric Cacciatore, is the #1 restaurant podcast for restaurateurs, chefs, and industry leaders. Since 2014, Eric has interviewed more than 800 successful restaurateurs and industry experts to share stories, values, knowledge and mentorship to empower restaurant operators around the world.

You can tune in to Restaurant Unstoppable on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode featuring Shawn P. Walchef, founder of Cali BBQ and Cali BBQ Media.

5. The Restaurant Technology Guys

The Restaurant Technology Guys

As you probably guessed, this podcast has everything to do with restaurant technology. Join host Jeremy Julian as he covers a variety of topics, such as trade shows, POS systems, scheduling apps, marketing, social media, mobile payment, EVG, and much more!

You can tune in to The Restaurant Technology Guys on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on digital ordering and payment, featuring Steve Simoni, CEO at Bbot.

6. Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

Restaurant Rockstars

Restaurant Rockstars is a consulting business, providing tools and resources for restaurant owners eager to maximize profits. Company owner and podcast host Roger Beaudoin discusses a variety of topics ranging from branding and marketing to payroll and finances.

You can tune in to Restaurant Rockstars on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on restaurant staffing, featuring Jordan Boesch - CEO at 7shifts.

7. The Restaurant Coach

The Restaurant Coach Podcast

The Restaurant Coach is the cure for the common restaurant. Get cutting edge tools, techniques, expert interviews and straight talk from host Donald Burns, the restaurant coach -someone who thousands of restaurateurs around the globe have hired to help them improve, expand and straight-up save their restaurants. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

You can tune in to The Restaurant Coach on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on staff hiring and culture.

8. Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce Podcast

Listen to marketing ideas, strategies and tactics from experts around the world in Secret Sauce - The Restaurant Marketing Podcast. Be among the tens of thousands of chefs and restaurant owners listening to advice on SEO optimization, email marketing, Facebook ads, partnerships and more! It is Secret Sauce's mission to find more customers and turn them into repeat business.

You can tune in to Secret Sauce on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on the future of restaurant online ordering systems.

9. Hospitality Hangout

Hospitality Hangout

Hospitality Hangout, a notable podcast for restaurant technology, is known for its gregarious and entertaining personalities... the hosts of its show - the Restaurant Rabbi and the Finance Guy. Together, they connect with leaders, marketers and experts exploring trends, happenings and breakthroughs in hospitality technology.

You can tune in to Hospitality Hangout on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode on hospitality robotics, featuring Mike Bell, CEO at Miso Robotics.

10. Food Fighters Podcast

Food Fighters Podcast

Join Zach Goldstein, CEO of Thanx by day and fanatical restaurant industry student by night, as he interviews the leading industry trailblazers about their most exciting ideas, challenging moments, and hard-fought learnings. Some of the Food Fighters Podcast notable guest appearances include: Don Fox, CEO at Firehouse Subs, and Alan Pilips, CCO at Reef Technology.

You can tune in to Food Fighters Podcast on:

Begin your podcast listening with this episode featuring Greg Creed, former CEO at Yum! Brands and Taco Bell.

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