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Make operational & team decisions with certainty.

No more guessing. 7shifts is your birds-eye-view into store-level performance so you spot operational problems sooner, across any location.

Create more accurate forecasts to make every one of your locations more profitable.

  • Build schedules for multiple locations with 95% forecasting accuracy by having all your actual data and target data sync together.
  • Managers can make better day-to-day decisions with one dashboard that brings together projected and actual sales & labor data.
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 3% per location. Operators can track labor costs against sales to create schedules that hit targets.
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Make complex tasks less complicated

Reduce operational inconsistencies across your teams. And accurately compare performance by location.

Stay on track with compliance in every region you operate in with 7shifts. So you can save thousands in compliance fees.

  • Automatically detects overtime so you can make better schedules.
  • Create and enforce mandatory and custom breaks. And get notified when they need to happen.
  • Keep the records of the information you need in 7shifts so it's easy to reference later.
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Cut down on errors and make payroll and tip pooling across your locations less complicated. 7shifts can handle it for you.

  • Automatically calculate tip distribution by combining your tip rules with POS data.
  • Saves time running payroll and minimizes human error.
  • Integrated time and attendance.
7shifts tip pooling dashboard

Get your restaurants running smoothly with better team accountability. 7shifts makes it easy to track.

  • Do away with the whiteboards and binders. Digital checklists mean instant access for every team member, any time.
  • Custom types allow photo uploads, temperature readouts, entering values and whatever else you need.
  • Increase task completion rate by 135%
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Spend more time growing your business

Increase team efficiency with the right tools. And spend more time building the customer experience.

Free up your managers time to focus on what matters to your business. 7shifts makes time-consuming tasks less tedious.

  • Cut time managers spend making schedules by 80% with easy to use drag and drop multi-location scheduling.
  • Reduce calls and texts by 70% with our manager log book and in-app chat. Centralizing communications make it easy to reference whatever you need, whenever you need it.
  • Manage time off requests in-app.
7shifts manager log book application illustration

Save your managers time and money by giving them the tools to better retain their teams.

  • Improve retention by 13% with 7shifts Engage by giving team members a way to be heard.
  • Real-time insights that show you the least and most-engaged employees across any location.
  • Track trends to uncover operational issues early with a birds-eye view.
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" We looked to 7shifts as we were using a more expensive integrated solution with Toast POS that was not working for us. We had less than 50% adoption of the solution from our locations due to it being difficult to maintain and not intuitive for our staff. It also lacked some messaging capabilities.
Due to so much turnover and new managers coming in we needed a solution that was easy to learn and implement. We are so happy we finally moved to 7shifts. It has been working great for us and most importantly ALL of our locations are using it.

Brian Buck, Director of IT, National Coney Island
15 locations using 7shifts
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Tools that work together to make your operations more efficient

Bring together the systems and tools you rely on. 7shifts integrates with dozens of the leading restaurant POS and Payroll systems. Or use the open API to build custom connections that work for you.

Committed to making all your restaurant locations successful

We’re a group of passionate people that are always here to help. You’ll never feel let down by our support team and resource library.

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" ...the chat support on 7shifts, I can send them there and know they'll be able to fix it and I don't even have to worry about it. I've gotten less and less calls because people realize how good it is.... anything we use, you guys are by far the best."

Devin Kyle, IT Director, Flagship Restaurant Group
25 locations using 7shifts


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