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More locations mean more at stake

There’s a chasm between managing labor at one restaurant vs. multiple locations. As you grow, complexity increase, as does potential miscommunication. It’s also harder to get a business overview and to trust managers to learn from each other and work together.

Standardized scheduling
across your business

Make scheduling simple, repeatable and streamlined across your entire business.

Your central hub for multi-location scheduling

Make the best use of your team. Schedule staff across locations and centrally manage availability, requests and reporting.

Less miscommunication, smoother operations

Use one-way announcements, group chats, and 1:1 messaging to get all staff and on the same page.

A visual overview of the big picture

Identify sales and labor trends across your locations quickly and use data-driven insight to take confident action.

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"7shifts gave our managers greater visibility on a more robust platform than our old provider. For the same amount of money, we get more functionality and are more efficient as a result."

Douglas Grabe, Owner-Operator

Integrate your POS to make better decisions

Get simple, reliable sales & labor forecasting from your POS that helps you improve your scheduling accuracy.

Save time reporting and reduce labor spend

Integrate 7shifts with your POS to help create labor-accurate schedules that reduce labor costs up to 3%

See the future with powerful forecasting

Trust that the schedules you create are within budget and will provide the coverage you need based on historical data.

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Restaurants that use 7shifts save:


Time saved on managing staff schedules


Labor costs saved


Reduction in phone calls and texts

Manage more
complexity at scale

Standardize processes, reporting and track what matters to maximize operational efficiencies across your restaurants.

Log, track, and share what matters

Eliminate confusion and help managers stay aligned with a customizable manager log book.

See regional operations status in a glance

With location overview, track aggregate sales & labor performance for your entire operation in real time

Have your finger on your operation’s pulse

Get your team on the same page with customizable reporting for variances, hours worked, attendance and more.

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How 7shifts has helped multi-unit restaurant operators:

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"Before we used 7shifts, we definitely had a lot more headaches managing the schedule. Now, it’s sent and done and we are ready to do other things"

Jason Wang, Xi'an Famous Foods

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"From a Director point of view, I feel better about this software than I have in the past because it is more professional, more useful, and more reliable."

Andy LoPilato, Director of Operations