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What is a Monthly Work Schedule Template?

A monthly work schedule template is a document that helps restaurant managers plan and organize employee shifts. The template includes space for the manager to list the days and times that each employee is scheduled to work, as well as any special instructions or notes. This type of template can be particularly helpful in busy restaurants where it is important to keep track of who is working when.

How often should you update the monthly schedule template?

The monthly work schedule template should be updated as needed, typically at the beginning of each month. However, if there are significant changes in the restaurant's operations, the manager may need to update the template more frequently.

How To Use Your Monthly Excel Schedule Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your new monthly schedule template.

Step 1: Select which day of the week the schedule starts.

Step 2: Add employees’ names.

Step 3: Go to the 'Shifts' tab to customize the shift times and roles.

Step 4: Select shift times and roles from the drop-down list for each employee.

Step 5: Your schedule is ready to share with your team!

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Ditch the pen and paper

Moving from pen and paper to digital can save your restaurant a ton of time, money, and sanity. Digitize your work schedule by downloading the monthly work schedule excel template to reduce your admin work and keep everything up-to-date. 

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