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How To Use Your Timesheet Excel Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your new employee timesheet template.

Step 1: Select which day of the week the schedule starts.

Step 2: Add employees’ names.

Step 3: Go to the 'Shifts' tab to customize the shift times and roles.

Step 4: Select shift times and roles from the drop-down list for each employee.

Step 5: Your schedule is ready to share with your team!

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How 7shifts compares to the Weekly Work Schedule Template

How does this free weekly employee scheduling template compare with 7shifts’ online scheduling software?

Weekly Work Schedule Template

Easy schedule builder

Customizable to your restaurant


Sharable with your team

Free mobile apps

Scheduling templates

Overtime alerts

Shift swapping

Communication tools (chat, announcement)

Sales and weather forecasts

Labor budgeting tool

Labor compliance tools

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Ditch the pen and paper

By moving your admin work from pen and paper to digital, your restaurant will save untold time, money, and sanity. Digitize your work schedule by downloading the weekly work schedule template to stay on top of your weekly planning. 

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