The Tip Jar

Collage of Tippy the tip jar cartoon and restaurant workersCollage of Tippy the tip jar cartoon and restaurant workers

We know change can be jarring, so we're cracking open the content vault to help you learn all about tipping best practices leading up to 2023. Whether you’ve just started your tip pooling journey by dipping your toes in or diving in head first - we have the background and data to ensure you don’t flop.

Collage of Tippy the tip jar cartoon and restaurant workersCollage of Tippy the tip jar cartoon and restaurant workers

Tip Pooling

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If you’re jumping into Tip Pooling, consider us your water wings!

7shifts is the Marco to your Polo. We help restaurants save time with easy tip pooling that makes sure teams gets paid the right tips every time. Explore our product with a demo today.

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Tipping Resources

There is no tip-toeing around it - tipping is on everyone’s mind these days. From tip creep, to guilt tipping, to creating a tipping strategy, we’ve pulled together all the content you need to make mindful informed decisions about tipping in your business.

Unique Tip Jar Ideas

Tip jar full of bills

Make the most of your tip jar by following these easy steps to make your jar stand out and fill up!

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Tip Pooling Calculator

calculator and money laying on table

Spending too much time at cash out counting and dividing tips between employees? Check out our guide with free tip pooling calculator!

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Tip Out Guide

Woman standing in kitchen of restaurant

Who gets what? Where does it go? Does it have to take so long? We give you the best tools to make tipping out as easy (and fast) as possible.

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Tippy Office Hours

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Grab a 15-minute chat with our resident Tip Strategy Expert, Tippy, to talk about how to make your tip management a breeze.
* Yes, you will be speaking to a real human!

Time with Tippy


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This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ready to get serious about tipping? It’s time to explore what 7shifts has to offer.

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Virtual Restaurant Roundtable

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A meeting of the minds. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade as 4 industry leaders come together to discuss the topic on everyone’s minds - tipping!

* Event took place on Nov. 16th, 2022

Tipping Strategy

Server setting the table at a restaurant

Find the strategy for collecting, distributing and equalizing tips that is right for your restaurant.

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State Tip Pooling Laws

American dollar bill with coins scattered on top

Can you tip a dishwasher in Arizona? Can you split tips in California? We answer these questions and much more.

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Tip Pooling Tool

restaurant team meeting at table

Learn how 7shifts' Tip Pooling Tool can save you hours of work and ensure tips are paid to staff on time.

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Tipping Fatigue

cafe employee drinking coffee

Percentage tipping is on the rise. How much is too little? Too much?

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The Adventures of Tippy

Mashup collage of Tippy the Tip Jar comic strips

Follow the comic adventures of Tippy the sentient tip jar as they get into mischief and misadventures all to do with tipping!

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History of Tipping

men sitting around a dinner table in robes by candlelight

Tipping has been around a long time. We dive into how it's changed (and how it’s stayed the same).

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