7shifts Blog Editorial Guidelines and Policy

7shifts Blog Editorial Guidelines and Policy
7shifts Staff

By 7shifts Staff

Editorial Mission

Our mission is to bring you the most objective and accurate information about technology for restaurant and hospitality businesses. On the 7shifts blog, we make it our duty to provide our readers with a relevant, trusted, and useful source for restaurant employees and managers to succeed in their goals.

We are covering a variety of topics pertaining to restaurant and hospitality businesses, ranging from finance and technology to marketing and daily management.

We research these topics and trends in small business technology to discover what readers want to know more about.

Our editorial team conducts thorough reviews of any author or contributor at the 7shifts blog. It's also ensured that all authors offer credible advice and content backed by experience, education, expertise and authority in their respective field.

How we create our content

  1. Industry Trends: The 7shifts Content Team closely monitors what is happening in every sector of the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. We look to industry leaders to inform the content we write and support our goals of being a trusted source of for the food, beverage, and hospitality industry people who are looking for information and solutions.
  2. Search Trends: The content we share on the 7shifts blog is created based on topics that our team sees trending on search engines. This helps us determine the questions that people are searching for and guides us in what they want to know in the hospitality industry.
  3. Application: Before we make anything new, we rigorously determine whether the content is relevant for restaurant owners and employees. We ask questions like: Will this help restaurant business owners or employees succeed in their goals? Will it give them new and useful ideas for running their business?

What sets us apart

The 7shifts Restaurant Management and Growth Blog is operated by a team of writers, editors, content managers, and search engine optimization specialists who work in tandem to ensure the utmost quality and consistency across all platforms. From the initial research stage to the finished product, our entire process is collaborative.

Our content is free of unnecessary technical jargon. We exhaustively research our subject matter and only cite information and statistics from reputable sources. Our goal is to create content that is readable, focused, and actionable-something that restaurant owners and workers can rely on for industry information and insights they can take into action immediately.

Our Content and Editorial Team

Vahag Aydinyan, Sr. Content Marketing Manager

D.J. Costantino, Sr. Content Marketer and Podcast Host

Sam Fung, Content Marketing Coordinator

Kelsea Schnitzler, Product Content Specialist

7shifts Staff
7shifts Staff

7shifts team of writers and experts in the hospitality industry.