7shifts Employee Resources Hub

7shifts Employee Resources Hub
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Welcome to our Employee Resources Hub! Here you'll find links to our favorite blog and support articles, information about 7shifts Academy, our social media profiles, and more. These resources are designed to help you excel. Whether you need to brush up on your restaurant slang or you need to swap a shift, we've got you covered.

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7shifts 101

Consider this your 7shifts user manual.

If you have more questions about your account, check our Knowledge Base. You can also chat with our support team through the app or call 1-888-979-5877 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am - 6:00 pm CT.

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Working in Restaurants

Access resources to help you with several areas of working in a restaurant.

Line cooks preparing menu items in a kitchen

Restaurant skills

What to expect when you first don your apron.

Career growth in restaurants

Explore how to take your role to the next level.

FOH Resources

BOH Resources

Stuff you should know

Restaurant roles

A.k.a what your coworkers do all day.

Dealing with conflict or stress at work

From upset customers to drama with your coworkers, here are ways to help manage the storm.

Prove you know your shift with 7shifts Academy

7shifts Academy logo with picture of woman at desk

You know you deserve a promotion, but you need a little extra to convince your manager. Enter 7shifts Academy, free courses about restaurant management with quizzes and downloadables. Learn more about the ins and outs of restaurant management or brush up on your marketing know-how. Seal the deal with a digital certificate you can slap on your resume and LinkedIn.

Daily Restaurant Management Course

Get an inside look into what your manager takes care of, like restaurant team communication and task management. Read the course outline.

Restaurant Marketing Course

Your manager might be okay with you being on TikTok if it's for work. Learn about ways restaurants get noticed, from social media to email marketing to Google Maps. Read the course outline.

Put us in your ears 🎧

We're bringing together restaurant leaders from all corners of our industry on the Restaurant Growth Podcast. You'll come away with practical tips, new insights, and tactics to help your restaurant grow.

Not convinced? Listen to Olivia:


DJ and his guests shine the brightest of lights on the restaurant industry and those inside of it! Engaging conversations, actionable tips to level up your restaurant, and insights into the industry abound in these episodes. Thanks for putting out such a superb show - keep up the great work!

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We dive into what's happening in restaurants. (And a little bit about us. Not too much. We promise).

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7shifts Staff
7shifts Staff

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