Free Restaurant Closing Checklist Template

Make sure that closing duties are completed every time with this free restaurant closing checklist

Outline all closing duties that need to be completed
Differentiate tasks between FOH and BOH or by department to boost accountability
Completely customizable to your restaurant
Restaurant Closing Checklist TemplateRestaurant Closing Checklist Template
Outline all closing duties that need to be completed
Differentiate tasks between FOH and BOH or by department to boost accountability
Completely customizable to your restaurant

How to use your restaurant closing checklist template

Make sloppy closes a thing of the past with this editable and customizable closing checklist.
Open the template and add your restaurant, date, and manager details.
Edit the expected closing duties for each department and role.
Add new sections as needed.
Save the document with your changes and distribute to staff.
Example restaurant closing checklist templateExample restaurant closing checklist template

How does 7shifts compare to this free template?

Server checklist Excel template versus a robust team management platform.

Restaurant Closing Checklist

Create unique server tasks

Customizable to your restaurant


Automatically assign checklist based on shifts or roles

Add instructions for checklists

Get notified of task or checklist completion

Customize or change checklists on-the-go

Create different checklists or days, weeks, or months

View checklist completion rates

Checklists are digital

Manage your team beyond a paper checklist with 7shifts

Improve team accountability

You want to keep your team accountable for cleaning tasks while still providing them with guidance on what needs to be done. You get that and more with 7shifts. Ditch the paper checklists and whiteboards, and get a continually updated digital restaurant task management system that managers and staff both love.

restaurant task management app for mobile devices

Up engagement

Increasing communication and expectations can make a huge difference in the lives of your staff. Knowing who is responsible for what tasks, and when they have done them right, means the team can function better together.

Don’t hope it gets done…

Know when it gets done. With 7shifts you receive real-time notifications whenever a cleaning checklist task is completed, who completed it, and which checklist tasks are outstanding. With a complete report on who is completing which checklist tasks and when, you’ll be able to easily stay on top of team accountability.
7shifts integrations for POS, payroll, and more.7shifts integrations for POS, payroll, and more.

Restaurants save
with 7shifts

80 Time saved on scheduling
Time saved on scheduling
3 Reduced labor costs
Reduced labor costs
70 Reduced calls and texts
Reduced calls and texts
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