Free Restaurant Staff Availability Template

Stay on top of staff time off with this free template

Store all staff availability in one place
Build better schedules with the most up to date information
Completely customizable to match your schedule and shift needs
Restaurant Staff Availability TemplateRestaurant Staff Availability Template
Store all staff availability in one place
Build better schedules with the most up to date information
Completely customizable to match your schedule and shift needs

How to use your free staff availability template

Lose the post-its! Keep track of your staff’s availability easier.
Add your restaurant’s open hours and hours of operation.
Updates rolls at your restaurant.
Add your employees to their corresponding roles.
Update each employee’s availability using the ‘Legend’.
Add relevant notes regarding staff engagement, other obligations and more in the designated section.
Example restaurant staff availability templateExample restaurant staff availability template

What is a staff availability template?

An availability schedule template lays out a system for employees to submit their availability. This helps you know when your team members are available to work, so you don’t make a schedule that ends up needing changes. This could be one-time requests for a vacation or can be used to track what times and days of the week your team can work due to restrictions from school or other obligations.

How often should employees update their availability?

Ideally, employees should update their availability as often as it changes. If a team member books a vacation, they should update availability as far out as possible to ensure coverage. For employees who are students, they should update their availability. every semester when class schedules change.

That is just one piece of the puzzle

A powerful team management platform like 7shifts can help you build better, more efficient schedules in just a few clicks.

How does 7shifts compare to this free template?

Staff availability Excel template versus a robust team management platform.

Employee Availability Template

Easy schedule builder

Customizable to your restaurant


Sharable with your team

Includes employee roles, names, and daily availability

Free mobile apps

Staff easily submit their availability online for manager approval

Staff can easily request time-off for approval

Schedule is automatically updated with availability and time off

Staff can easily swap shifts

Communication tools (chat, announcement)

Sales and weather forecasts

Labor budgeting tools

Build better, smarter, schedules, faster with 7shifts

Restaurants save
with 7shifts

80 Time saved on scheduling
Time saved on scheduling
3 Reduced labor costs
Reduced labor costs
70 Reduced calls and texts
Reduced calls and texts
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