Calculate your savings with 7shifts…

What is a Restaurant ROI Calculator?

See what your return on investment could be with 7shifts team management platform. Simply enter a few numbers and costs to calculate your potential savings with 7shifts. Restaurants that use our platform benefit from 1 to 3% in labor cost savings, 70% of time saved, 13% better retention, streamlined communication, and improved operational efficiency across their business.

How does the calculator determine ROI?

By analyzing your labor costs and time spent making schedules, this calculator can tell you what the return on investment would be for your business if you use 7shifts. This is based on the fact that 7shifts helps restaurants like yours save:

  • 70% of time spent scheduling
  • 3% on labor cost percentage with an integrated POS, or 2% on labor cost percentage without an integration
  • An average of 7.5 minutes per employee per week from non-budgeted wages from time theft
  • 1% on payroll savings with a payroll integration

What is good restaurant ROI?

The average restaurant business that uses this calculator will find that their ROI is 6x, if integrated on a POS. On The Works plan, that means that 7shifts pays for itself within the first month!

Why calculate my restaurant ROI with 7shifts?

Knowing the ROI on your restaurant technology is important in an industry where margins are thin. Restaurateurs spend a lot of money making sure their customers are happy, their staff are engaged, and that the business is running smoothly. So is your restaurant technology helping your restaurant succeed, or is it just another sunk cost? Your restaurant technology should help you save money and grow your business. Using this restaurant ROI calculator, you can discover how much money you’ll save on labor every year with 7shifts.

You can calculate your restaurant technology ROI by evaluating how your scheduling system helps you save time, staff efficiently, and correct costly scheduling habits.

How can 7shifts help my restaurant?

7shifts makes creating simple, reliable, and cost-efficient restaurant employee schedules a breeze. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop, a fancy diner, or a national burger chain, our team management solution makes it easy to build and manage your employee schedule to better meet your labor targets.

Cloud-based restaurant scheduling software is a critical piece of the modern restaurant technology stack and trustworthy solution to simplified team management. Put your pen and paper scheduling habits in the past with 7shifts’ robust restaurant scheduling app, time-clocking tool, advanced reports, and more.

With 7shifts employee scheduling software, your managers will spend 80% less time figuring out how to schedule employees in the restaurant, 70% less time dealing with calls and texts, and more time serving your restaurant guests. Figure out exactly how much you’ll save with 7shifts with our ROI calculator above.

What is the benefit of integrating my POS with 7shifts?

You can unlock the power of your restaurant POS by syncing sales and labor data, wages, and enforcing schedules with 7shifts.

  • Take the guesswork out of your restaurant’s sales and labor with the Manager Dashboard to track real-time sales per labor hour to better control labor costs and make smarter business decisions.
  • Build schedules that stay within your target labor percentage with the weekly labor budget tool—allowing you to set projected sales and labor targets so you can efficiently schedule your staff.
  • Set your labor target with the Optimal Budget tool to determine when you need extra hands or when to spare a few.
  • Make smarter, labor-saving business decisions with sales & labor reporting. Compare your restaurant’s data across projected versus actual sales, labor, and more to find the biggest gaps and take action to improve future schedules.

Input your POS in the ROI calculator above to see how much more you will save on labor when you integrate your systems.

What is the benefit of integrating my payroll with 7shifts?

You can streamline payroll by integrating 7shifts to automate your payroll export. Improve your payroll workflow through exportable time clocking data that integrates with your payroll system. You'll not only remove human error, but save your managers plenty of admin work.

Input your payroll system in the ROI calculator above to see how much you will save when you integrate.