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What is a Manager Log Book Template?

A manager log book template is a tool used by managers to keep track of their daily tasks and responsibilities. This template can be used to plan and organize your shifts, track sales and labor data, and communicate with other managers, no matter the day part.

How often should you update the manager log book template?

The manager log book template should be updated on a regular basis to ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate. At minimum, both AM and PM managers should update the log book once per day.

How To Use Your Manager Log Book Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your new restaurant log book for managers.

Step 1: Enter your restaurant details 

Step 2: Select which day of the week the log book will start on

Step 3: Add the appropriate dates for that week of the log book

Step 4: Have managers fill out each daily cell with shift notes 

Step 5: Sales and labor data differences and weekly totals will be automatically calculated.

Step 5: Your management team stays in sync

Manager Log Book Illustration

How 7shifts compares to the Manager Log Book Template

How does this free manager log book compare with 7shifts’ online manager log book software?

Manager Log Book Template

Complete manager log book

Customizable to your restaurant


Sharable with your team

Includes employee details

Completely customizable categories to track

Sortable, searchable, and trackable manager notes

Automatically emails your management team

Free mobile apps

Easy schedule builder

Employee time-off and availability submissions

Robust labor, sales, and compliance reports

Communication tools (chat, announcement)

Sales and weather forecasts

Labor budgeting tool

Labor compliance tools

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Digitize your manager communication

When you have a variety of managers spread across different shifts, keeping communication consistent between them can be hard. That’s why using digital tools like this Manager Log Book template can help you keep everyone connected so your business can be efficient. 

Take your manager communication to the next level with an online team management tool like 7shifts. Our built-in Manager Log Book lets your restaurant customize categories based on your business, track daily shift notes, and share our daily summaries to your corporate team. Plus, with 7shifts’ drag-and-drop schedule builder and built-in communication tools, you can keep your restaurant properly staffed and productive.

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