[New] 7shifts Hiring Tools to Help Get Through the Labor Shortage

[New] 7shifts Hiring Tools to Help Get Through the Labor Shortage
7shifts Staff

By 7shifts Staff

If you're having trouble finding great people to work in your restaurant, you're not alone.

There is a labor shortage impacting the restaurant industry, which has made the already difficult task of hiring even more challenging. Over the course of the pandemic, some restaurant workers found jobs in new industries, left their cities, or are looking for something new. Many feel it's too soon to come back: According to a survey by Poached, 24% of surveyed restaurant workers said that uncertainty about restrictions on indoor dining was preventing them from coming back. 26% cited concerns of getting themselves or loved ones sick–despite vaccination. There is a bright side–of all respondents, close to 75% are either actively applying or searching for work.

In addition to the more widespread industry challenges in hiring, there are tech problems too. Usually, those in charge of hiring will share their job posting on multiple job boards, social media platforms, and share those links among staff to then spread to their networks. When candidates come in, they come through multiple mediums such as website notifications, site notifications, multiple email inboxes, texts, and walk-ins.

Then comes the task of organizing all of your candidates. The usual suspects–spreadsheets, email inboxes, or worse–your memory–are time-consuming ways to keep track. Manual entry of names, phone numbers, emails, and information is prone to mistakes and takes up a lot of valuable time. The hours multiply when different people are involved in the hiring process or decision-making! By the time you have everything together, the best candidate will already have a job down the street.

The team at 7shifts is closely following the pulse of the industry and we've responded to the industry's needs with new tools to help restaurant owners exceed the challenge of hiring.

Introducing Hiring: a free tool in the 7shifts team management platform for posting & sharing jobs, tracking applicants, and getting new hires on the schedule instantly. Best of all, Hiring is free to all 7shifts users on all plans. 🎉

How 7shifts can help

7shifts has added hiring software and tools to our best-in-class team management platform to help streamline your hiring process.

Easily create and share job postings 📮

With 7shifts simple job post building, you can create job posts in just a few minutes. Use unlimited applicant screening questions to identify top candidates. Once your post is ready, you can share it directly with employees in the 7shifts app, as well as on social platforms. Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to find great team members–and 7shifts Hiring Tools to make it easy to get the word out about job postings.

Once your post is out, you can act quickly with email notifications for new applicants. Every restaurant is hiring right now–don't let someone slip away because they got another offer yesterday!

Restaurant job posting tool in 7shifts

Track job candidates and stay organized 📥

With your post shared, easily organize applicants through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is especially useful if you're hiring for multiple roles (and you probably are right now). The ATS helps keep candidates organized and tracking their status from applied all the way through to hired. You'll see all relevant candidate information in one place like contact details, work history/experience, and even availability. If you added customer screening questions like sanitation certifications, you'll see those answers here, too. Are multiple managers involved in your hiring process? You also add private manager notes for your team to stay in sync. Whether you're hiring for multiple positions across multiple locations or just one role–the 7shifts applicant tracking system helps keep everything organized in one place.

Restaurant candidate review tool in 7shifts Hiring

Streamline your hiring and scheduling processes ✅

You can get new hires on the schedule ASAP with 7shifts new hiring tools. Once a candidate is marked as “hired,” their profile details are automatically filled into 7shifts to make onboarding a snap. For applicants that didn't quite make the cut this time, their contact information is easily accessible within 7shifts to make following up next time easy.

Adding the new hire to the 7shifts team management platform

7shifts Hiring will help your restaurant:

  • Easily post and share job listings
  • Track and organize all candidates in one place
  • Make it a breeze to get new hires scheduled in one step

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Reinventing the way restaurant teams work

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