Free Food Cost Percentage Template

Reduce your food costs with the free food cost calculator

Track food costs and percentages over time
Identify trends to trim costs and grow profit
Completely customizable to your restaurant
Restaurant Food Cost Excel TemplateRestaurant Food Cost Excel Template
Track food costs and percentages over time
Identify trends to trim costs and grow profit
Completely customizable to your restaurant

How to use the food cost percentage template

Be aware of your food costs to grow profit.
Add your inventory costs for the current month. Including food, beverage, and other goods.
Add any additional projected purchases for the month.
Add monthly revenue.
Your food cost percentage is calculated - track and optimize.
Example restaurant timecard calculatorExample restaurant timecard calculator

What is a food cost percentage template?

This template is designed to help restaurant owners and managers make the most of the profit margins. This template weighs in the relative cost of your food each month against the monthly revenue.

Why us a template?

Using a document like this can help you spot trends and optimize your buying decisions to better your bottom line. Tracking over time will see where food costs are rising, helping managers make better informed decisions about buying.

That is just one piece of the puzzle

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Food Cost Template

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