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What Is a Profit and Loss Statement?

A restaurant’s profit and loss statement, also known as an income statement, measures a company’s total revenues, costs (expenses), and net profit over a specific period of time. Commonly abbreviated as a P&L, this statement can help track the overall financial health of your restaurant.

How Often Should You Update Your Restaurant P&L Statement?

Restaurant P&L statements can be tracking weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

It’s recommended that you update a restaurant’s profit and loss statement every week. This will let you catch anything abnormal before it has a negative impact, and lets you make adjustments accordingly. It is also recommended to view monthly and yearly to track overall trends in your business.

How To Use the P&L Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your restaurant P&L statement template:

Step 1. Add in your sales numbers

Step 2. Add in all of your costs: CoGS, labor, and operating expenses

Step 3. Calculate your total profits and losses

Step 4. Make adjustments accordingly to improve your restaurant’s financial health.

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