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How To Use Your Restaurant Server Checklist Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your new server checklist template.

Step One: Open the templates

Step Two: Add your restaurant, date, and manager details

Step Three: Change the pre-shift, on-shift, and closing duties for your servers

Step Four: Add new sections as needed

Step Five: Save the document with your changes

7shifts task managment

How 7shifts compares to the Server Checklist Template

How the Restaurant Server Checklist compares with 7shifts task management

Server Checklist Template

Create unique server tasks

Customizable to your restaurant


Automatically assign checklist based on shifts or roles

Add instructions for checklists

Get notified of task or checklist completion

Customize or change checklists on-the-go

Create different checklists or days, weeks, or months

View checklist completion rates

Checklists are digital

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7shfits improve team accountability and improve engagement

You want to keep your team accountable and productive, while still providing them with guidance on what needs to be done. You get that and more with 7shifts. Ditch the paper checklists and whiteboards, and get a continually updated digital restaurant task management system that managers and staff both love.

Create editable, custom task lists for any member of your team and automatically assign them when you build your restaurant schedule. Instantly edit, update, or add details to your tasks lists such as instructions for proper completion. Your team can stay productive on-shift as they review and complete tasks right from their mobile device, through the free 7shifts mobile app.

Receive real-time notifications whenever a checklist task is completed, who completed it, and which checklist tasks are outstanding. With a complete report on who is completing which checklist tasks and when, you’ll be able to easily stay on top of team accountability.

Restaurants save with 7shifts


Time saved on managing staff schedules


Labor costs saved


Reduction in phone calls and texts

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