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What is an Availability Schedule Template?

An availability schedule template lays out a system for employees to submit their availability. This helps you know when your team members are available to work, so you don’t make a schedule that ends up needing changes. This could be one-time requests off like a vacation, or can be used to track what times and days of the week your team can work due to restrictions from school or other obligations.

How often should my employees update their availability?

Ideally, employees should update their availability as often as it changes. If a team member books a vacation, they should update availability as far out as possible to ensure coverage. For employees who are students, they should update their availability. every semester when class schedules change.

How To Use Your Timesheet Excel Template

Here’s how to make the most out of your new employee availability template.

Step 1. Add your restaurant’s  'Open Hours' and 'Hours of Operation'

Step 2. Update the roles at your restaurant

Step 3. Add your employees in their corresponding roles

Step 4. Fill out your employees’ availability using the 'Legend', and feel free to head to 'EXAMPLE' if you need more help

Step 5. Add any relevant notes about staff engagement, other obligations, and more in the designated section

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How 7shifts compares to the Employee Availability Excel Template

How does this free staff availbility template compare with 7shifts’ easy restaurant scheduling software?

Employee Availability Excel Template

Easy schedule builder

Customizable to your restaurant


Sharable with your team

Includes employee roles, names, and daily availability

Free mobile apps

Staff easily submit their availability online for manager approval

Staff can easily request time-off for approval

Schedule is automatically updated with availability and time off

Staff can easily swap shifts

Communication tools (chat, announcement)

Sales and weather forecasts

Labor budgeting tool

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Ditch the paper and pen

Staying on top of your employees’ availability requests is hard, but necessary to keep your restaurant staffed for every shift. By downloading this availability template, it will be easier to keep your schedule up-to-date and remove admin work for your managers. 

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