Free Restaurant Timesheet Template

Upgrade your timesheets with free downloadable template

Easily create staff shift schedules
Completely customizable to suit your restaurant
Includes all shift types and positions
Restaurant Employee Time Sheet Excel TemplateRestaurant Employee Time Sheet Excel Template
Easily create staff shift schedules
Completely customizable to suit your restaurant
Includes all shift types and positions

How to use your free restaurant timesheet template

Here’s how to make the most of this free Excel template.
Edit the date for when the schedule starts.
Input employee’s name in the left hand column.
In the shifts column, customize shift times and roles.
From the drop down menu, assign employees roles and start times for each day.
Share your schedule with the team.
Example restaurant timesheet templateExample restaurant timesheet template

How does this free template stack up to 7shifts?

Compare how functionality of this Excel sheet against a robust team management platform like 7shifts.

Timesheet Template

Easy schedule builder

Customizable to your restaurant


Easy tablet clock-in and clock-out

POS Integration for automatic sales tracking

Free mobile apps

Free integration with 7shifts’ robust scheduler

Overtime alerts

Automatic sales and labor reporting

Communication tools (chat, announcement)

Sales and weather forecasts

Labor budgeting tool

Labor compliance tools

Scheduling is just the starter - serve your staff a full plate of team management solutions

Digital Time Tracking

Keeping track of your employees’ hours and overtime can be a full time job. Ease the workload by transitioning from a punch clock to this easy-to-use template. Best of all it keeps your records for payroll updates and easily accessible.

Restaurant dashboard software toolRestaurant dashboard software tool
7shifts time clock punch audit feature7shifts time clock punch audit feature

Compliance Problems

If you’ve got compliance on the brain, a time tracking tool like 7shifts can give you some peace of mind. The free integrated time clock allows your staff to clock in and out easily, and allows you access to robust reports about attendance and compliance.

The template is just the beginning

A powerful team management platform like 7shifts can help you keep track of costs, unlock efficiencies, and make your restaurant thrive.
7shifts integrations for POS, payroll, and more.7shifts integrations for POS, payroll, and more.

Restaurants save
with 7shifts

80 Time saved on scheduling
Time saved on scheduling
3 Reduced labor costs
Reduced labor costs
70 Reduced calls and texts
Reduced calls and texts
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Restaurant scheduling software on phone.Restaurant scheduling software on phone.

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