7shifts 2.14.0 for Android – Release Notes

  • We have some exciting new designs we’re going to be rolling out in the near future.
  • Fix: Tapping on push notifications for messaging post comments now opens correctly.
  • Fix: Issues with the Camera permission in Android 7.0
  • Fix: Issues with notifications not disappearing.
  • Fix: Time offs that span multiple days now appear again. Their holiday is over.
  • Fix: Sporadic crashes and bug fixes.

7shifts 2.13.4 for Android – Release Notes

  • Ever wanted to copy something you’re reading, or employee details? You can.
  • Smarter, faster loading in plenty of places in the app.
  • Fix: “0hrs” breaks in time sheets will show in minutes now.
  • Fix: Time travel in Time Off is no longer possible. Employees can’t ask for time off more than a year in advance.
  • Fix: Crashes throughout the app.

7shifts 2.13.3 for Android – Release Notes

  • Publish screen improvements continue, we show you a hint that other Locations/Departments have unpublished shifts.
  • Forgot who the announcement went to? Managers can see who the announcement went to.
  • Empty states in the Messaging area. Things are a lot prettier now, with some call to action if there are no posts.
  • Fix: Issues with messages / logbooks appearing in the wrong timezone
  • Fix: It’s no longer possible to submit empty content in certain areas of the app.
  • Fix: The app dismisses notifications that you tapped.

7shifts 2.13.2 for Android – Release Notes

  • The Schedule can now be sorted by Department.
  • Improvements to the publishing flow continue! Managers can now see the number of unpublished shifts in each location / department.
  • Availability flows are simplified. There’s a new screen that provides a better overview of the Availability you’re viewing.
  • Fix: Issue with not being able to pick employees multiple times when adding shifts.
  • Fix: If you have departments in some locations, and no departments in others, there was a chance that shift editing wasn’t working right.

7shifts 2.13.1 for Android – Release Notes

  • Introducing My Timesheets. Employees can, if enabled, view their own timesheets now. We’ll be rolling this feature out over the next few days.
  • Fix: Crash when opening shift trades from notifications that no longer existed.
  • Fix: Opening Time Off requests from notifications no longer ends in a weird screen state.

7shifts 2.13.0 for Android – Release Notes

  • Confused which Messaging groups are muted? There’s a new icon in the Recents tab to show you.
  • The Schedule and Manager Logbook overview now show you which location you’re viewing.
  • Links are now rendered in the app, phone, email, maps – just tap it!
  • We’ve simplified the notification wording on the schedule publish screen, it’s easier to see what you’re doing now.
  • Individual comments on posts in Messaging can now be deleted.
  • Fix: Publishing a schedule and notifying only employees with changed shifts works again.
  • Fix: Some annoying few crashes.

7shifts 2.12.5 for Android – Release Notes

  • Managers now have the ability to deny individual shift pool bids, tap and hold an employee’s bid to bring up options!
  • Fix: Notes on the profile is no longer squished.
  • Fix: Crash when trying to create an Announcement.
  • Fix: Improving French localizations
  • Fix: Various improvements under-the-hood.

7shifts 2.12.4 for Android – Release Notes

  • If you’re ever locked out of your account, we’ve improved the reset password flow.
  • Fix: Issue around messaging groups not being marked as read properly.
  • Fix: Open Shifts were showing blank titles in Schedule view.
  • Fix: Profile pictures can be uploaded again!
  • Fix: You can bid on an Open Shift from the Schedule.
  • Fix: Various crashes no longer crash. Because that’s silly.

7shifts 2.12.3 for Android – Release Notes

  • Fix: Issue with location / department being reset when picking a user while editing a shift.
  • Fix: Time frames in shift editing now show CL/BD properly.
  • Fix: Conflicts / OT warnings not showing up in shift pool request area.

7shifts 2.12.2 for Android – Release Notes

  • Tablet users, you can print! Please install the appropriate printer app from your manufacturer.
  • Mgrs/Admins adding Time Offs can now choose to mark it as Approved/Pending, like the web app.
  • Improved the flow of picking Locations, Departments, and Roles when creating an Announcement.
  • Fix: Managers without schedule manage permission, but shift pool approve/decline permission can see the Shift Pool Request section again.
  • Fix: Crashes when long tapping certain areas in messaging comments.
  • Fix: Design glitches here and there.

7shifts 2.12.1 for Android – Release Notes

  • Screen transition animate, our quest for an improved Android experience continues.
  • Fix: Emojis properly work on Android now. ? ?
  • Fix: Admins not appearing as employees no longer see employee notification settings in My Account.
  • Fix: Allows managers to edit their own shifts again.
  • Fix: Weird crashes when app was not in focus.
  • Fix: Little design tweaks here and there.
  • Fix: Crash when deleting comments in posts with lots of comments.
  • Fix: When the loading screen appears you can’t interact with what’s in the background. That’s too meta for us. We keep you in one dimension now.
  • Fix: Crashes when opening certain push notifications.

7shifts 2.12.0 for Android – Release Notes

  • Redesigned messaging for increased clarity!
  • Messaging is now split into Recents, Groups, Announcements. Recents are sorted by most recent activity in that messaging group.
  • The flow for posting messages and announcements is much improved.
  • Comments are back, this allows easier discussions to happen on a topic within a group chat.
  • We’re pushing to improve our Android experience. All tabs are now pageable, and feel more Android-y. The developers are excited, you should be too, we think?
  • Fix: We don’t allow the sending of manager log book summaries until the log book has finished loading.
  • Fix: Shift Pool listings were sometimes confusing and cut off. We’ve simplified the information we show you.
  • Fix: Contacts, approved time off, and approved availability are now searchable.
  • Fix: Event colours now expand the whole height of the cell.
  • Fix: Time Off, Shifts, Availability now all round to the nearest 5, or 15-minute interval.
  • Fix: Several annoying crashes.

7shifts 2.11.5 for Android – Release Notes

  • No visible changes, dramatic under-the-hood changes to make the app feel more like an Android app.

7shifts 2.11.4 for Android – Release Notes

  • Fix: “My Shifts” headers forgot that June came after May. Your shifts were always correct.

7shifts 2.11.3 for Android – Release Notes

  • Fix: We’ve addressed an issue around notifying too many employees when using the “Publish Now” function after editing a shift.

7shifts 2.11.2 for Android – Release Notes

  • New: Round App Icons are the new way to go.
  • New: Attachments are back. We underestimated how much this feature was used!
  • New: The Manager Log Book now has the same date/location picker controls as the Schedule page.
  • New: Shift Pool will now show managers which user is selected. Check marks everywhere!
  • Fix: Users with fast fingers will no longer see bad results when flipping through the Schedule or Log Book extremely quickly.
  • Fix: Announcements are now collapsible if they’re really long. We expand the first announcement by default.

7shifts 2.11.1 for Android – Release Notes

Bug Fixes!

  • We overhauled Announcements (Already?!). The screen works a lot better to pick, remove and display the recipients you’re sending it to.
  • Fix: Annoying crash listing your Messaging Groups is gone.
  • Fix: When you flip through the schedule really quickly and the screen flickers and the wrong shifts show up? Yeah, that’s fixed.
  • Fix: Manager Log Book – when typing a long text entry, or commenting on an entry the text fields no long behave silly. They wrap nicely and are scrollable.

7shifts 2.11.0 for Android – Release Notes

Introducing Messaging!

The Wall is dead! We’re replacing the wall with Messaging Groups that are automatically broken down into locations, departments, and roles. Servers can chat amongst themselves, and Cooks won’t get notified anymore. This is so much more blissful, and effective.

Introducing Announcements!

Managers can send message blasts from Messaging.
Employees see Announcements in the brand new Messaging section.

7shifts 2.10.x for Android – Release Notes


– Bug fixes and enhancements


  • Fixes issue with adding shifts on Android 5+
  • Fixes issue where it wasn’t possible to enter cent values in the Manager Log Book
  • Fixes detail issues in the shift view for Notes/Events


Availability, Time Off, and Shift Pool all have a new, consistent user experience for “Requests”.

When adding or editing shifts, the employee’s primary role is properly highlighted.

7shifts now supports splitting shifts during the Give Away process, if enabled in your company settings.