Calculate Labor Cost & More: 5 Free Excel Templates

Calculate Labor Cost & More: 5 Free Excel Templates
Kim Warner

By Kim Warner

At 7shifts, we’re all about finding new ways for restaurateurs to simplify scheduling, reduce costs, and save time, all while handling employee availability and keeping lines of communication flowing. Put simply: we aim to take the work out of restaurant management.

We strive to build the best apps and online tools for restaurant managers, but we also understand that migrating from paper-and-pen methods to a cloud-based solution isn’t always an immediate option for some restaurants.

We’ve taken that information to heart. We’ve selected five of the most popular 7shifts web and app functions that will help youu calculate labor cost and more! We have transformed the apps into completely customizable Excel spreadsheet templates that can be downloaded and used for FREE.

Check out the tools below and get started today!

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How to Calculate Labor Cost

Restaurant Labor Calculator Template

Curious about how much your restaurant can save on labor? This free restaurant labor cost calculator Excel template is here to guide the way!

✔️  Enter your weekly and monthly sales & labor cost to reveal your labor percentage
✔️  Customizable for your restaurant
✔️  Identify opportunities to save on labor and improve your bottom line
✔️  Learn how to calculate labor cost and schedule proactively

Get the Labor Cost Calculator Template

Restaurant Sales Dashboard Template

Your restaurant’s performance is everything! Use this free daily sales report template to track sales and labor.

✔️  Keep sales and labor data in one place
✔️  Spot trends and identify opportunities
✔️  Customizable for your restaurant and needs

Get the Sales Dashboard Template

Restaurant Schedule Template

This restaurant Excel schedule template will help you quickly create staff schedules.

✔️  Easily assign shifts
✔️  Schedule with a 12-hour shift template or a 24-hour shift template
✔️  Plan optimal coverage for events
✔️  Store shift time and position details in one handy place

Get the Restaurant Schedule Template

Manager Log Book Template

Details matter—keep them all in one place with this customizable template.

✔️  Log notes—guest count, weather notes, cleaning schedules—for each day’s shift
✔️  Tally and track sales and labor costs
✔️  Keep a detailed history of guest feedback to identify opportunities

Get the Log Book Template

Staff Availability Template

Simplified scheduling is just a download away.

✔️  Store all staff availability information in one place
✔️  Build schedules quicker with up-to-date information
✔️  Record time-off requests and update availability changes

Get the Availability Template

If you’re already using Excel templates in your restaurant and are ready to level up your scheduling game, start your free 7shifts trial today! We’ll even build your first schedule for you!

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Kim Warner
Kim Warner

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