How Employee Feedback Tools Help Reduce Turnover

How Employee Feedback Tools Help Reduce Turnover
Emily Brazill

By Emily Brazill

How do your employees feel after a shift? Are they empowered, frustrated, happy or sad. How would they rate their shift? According to Glassdoor, the average American worker spends 15 months in one role. Our research at 7shifts, shows that a restaurant employee spends 1 month and 26 days in one role, significantly lower than the average worker.

At 7shifts, we want to make it easier to get a pulse on employee morale, so you can help increase employee engagement, develop people, create better schedules, reduce high turnover and improve overall results. According to HR Dive, replacement costs can be as much as 33% of an employee’s base salary. An easy simplway to reduce turnover and increase morale is to listen and act on the feedback provided using employee feedback tools.

Employee Feedback Tools are Keys to Success

With that said, we do ‘give a shift' and are excited to announce the release of our new Shift Feedback feature.

7shifts Shift Feedback

Once the Shift Feedback is enabled, employees receive a push notification within 15 minutes of the end of their shift. Employees can leave feedback in the form of a emoji rating with the option to leave comments to explain the rating, which provides context and qualitative data to managers. It’s that simple.


When feedback is submitted, it can be reviewed by both managers and admins in 7shifts Manager Log Book. Here you can see the average shift score per location per day and you can dive into individual feedback by clicking “View Feedback”.



Restaurateurs are constantly thinking about how to achieve success in their business. For winning restaurateurs it’s not always just about the food, but the entire customer experience and the employees who deliver the experience. Allowing employees to provide feedback can go a long way in helping employees feel like their voice is heard and that they are a part of the decision-making process. By using a feature like Shift Feedback not only does this help reduce employee stress level and boost morale, is will also help you save time managing your team, troubleshoot restaurant issues and reduce turnover.

Keeping employees happy, motivated and productive is more important than ever in today’s extremely competitive restaurant labor market. Using employee feedback tools like Shift Feedback gives you an edge when it comes to saving on labor, increasing your bottom line and providing your patrons with a memorable experience that will keep them coming back. Employees who are happier work harder. It’s that simple!

Keep a pulse on team satisfaction with Shift Feedback!

Ready to learn more about how Shift Feedback can provide real-time insight into employee morale?

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Emily Brazill
Emily Brazill

Emily Brazill is a Product Marketing Manager at 7shifts. When she's not managing new feature releases, she's probably out running, teaching yoga or eating out with friends.