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A restaurant management app...in your pocket!

Restaurant managers know it best: the bottom line is always a top priority. What if we told you that you could track your actual sales and labor from your schedule and POS…right from your smartphone? Today we come bearing exciting news, and it arrives in the form of an update to our free mobile apps: meet the Mobile Manager Dashboard for restaurant management!

The Mobile Manager Dashboard is designed for restaurants using one of our POS integrations and/or our free 7punches time-clocking app. By drawing data from those sources, this mobile restaurant management app takes the guesswork out of your restaurant’s progress. It offers up-to-the-hour info on your operating costs to help you identify opportunities for schedule adjustments that’ll keep labor costs under control and more revenue in your pocket.

mobile restaurant management app

We have updated our free iOS and Android apps so that the Mobile Manager Dashboard will appear the next time you update your 7shifts mobile app and be accessible through the app menu, but only if you have 7punches or a sales data integration enabled.

Want to dive in deeper? Tap on any point on the graph to see the details for that hour, including sales, labor cost, labor percentage, sales per man hour (SPMH), and the weekly variances for each of these data points.

How it works

On the Mobile Manager Dashboard, you will see a graph of your Actual Sales & Actual Labor pulled in from your point of sale or 7punches. From there, you can tap on the left and right arrows at the top to select the date you want to look at. If there is no data yet (aka the future) the graph will be blank.

Scroll by hour: To see how sales and labor are trending throughout the day, scrub through the hours located at the bottom of the graph. Note that the graph will only ever show the hours you have deemed as open & close for your restaurant.

View your hourly snapshot: For a deeper look at the hourly performance of your actual sales and actual labor, tap on any data point within the graph. From there, you will be able to see Sales, Labor Cost, SPMH, and Labor %.

If you have any questions, check out our Knowledge Base articleor drop our Support Team a line at support@7shifts.com. Keep on a look out for more restaurant management app news in the near future!