Free Restaurant Comment Card Template

Get honest reviews from your customers with this free comment card template

Restaurant Comment Card TemplateRestaurant Comment Card Template
Hear what customers love about your restaurant
Spotlight areas for improvement including food, service, decor, layout and more!
Gather valuable feedback to make your restaurant better
Restaurant Comment Card TemplateRestaurant Comment Card Template

How to use your restaurant comment card template

Start gathering feedback today with this customizable card.
Open the template and edit to suit your restaurant’s needs.
Print out the template to hand out to customers.
Take time to review feedback your receive and action any areas of improvement.
Example comment card templateExample comment card template

What is the purpose of a comment card?

Ever want to get into your customer’s head? Hear unbiased opinions on how your restaurant, staff, and food is measuring up? Then welcome the comment card through your doors. Usually the size of a postcard, they’re handed out to guests to collect thoughts on everything to do with the restaurant experience.

What are comment card best practices?

Comment cards are best given to guests along with the check, so they can give payment information and fill it out at the end of their meal. You shouldn’t force guests to give feedback, however. Offer them the option to provide feedback if they wish. You may also choose to offer a way for guests to give feedback online through services.

The comment cards are just the beginning

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