Free Restaurant Profit and Loss Statement Template

Get insights into your restaurant’s financial health with a free P&L statement template

See how your sales compare to your expenses
Identify areas to lower expenses and increase revenue
Completely customizable to your restaurant
Restaurant Profit & Loss Statement TemplateRestaurant Profit & Loss Statement Template
See how your sales compare to your expenses
Identify areas to lower expenses and increase revenue
Completely customizable to your restaurant

How to use your restaurant profit and loss template

Here is how to make the most of your free restaurant P&L statement template.
Add in your sales numbers.
Add in all your costs: CoGS, labor and operating expenses.
Calculate your total profits and losses.
Make adjustments accordingly to improve your restaurant’s financial health.
Example restaurant profit loss templateExample restaurant profit loss template

What is a profit and loss statement?

Also known as an income statement, the profit and loss statement (or P&L for short) measures a company’s total revenues, costs (expenses), and net profit over a period of time.

How often should you update your restaurant’s P&L statement?

We recommend that you update this template every week. This will let you catch anything abnormal before it has a negative impact on your business. We also recommend a monthly and yearly  view to track all trends.

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Profit Margin Calculator

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